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    One Man service operated by state transport is very risky for the passengers.

    During festivities and peak season, the state transport corporations belonging to Telangana and AP are pressing special buses to various long distance routes in which the driver as to do the work of conductor as he has to issue tickets and drive the bus. If many passengers board the intermediate bus stop, the bus driver makes the bus to run and issue tickets with other hand. There are every chance the driver may loose concentration and the lives of 42 passengers are in his hands. In the name of austerity why the corporations are playing with the lives ?
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    Already the overheads are very high and the tickets are very costly. When there is a demand the RTC is increasing the rates very high. Again if you advise them to increase staff, they will again increase the rates. The driver is supposed to issue the tickets by stopping the vehicle and thensupposed to drive the vehicle. The stops are very less and the tickets to be issued are also fewer for which a conductor is unnecessary. If the driver is not following the system, as a passenger we have all the rights to question him and ask him to maintain the safety norms.
    Once we were travelling to our native place in a Volvo bus. The driver is continually talking on the phone while driving. One of the passengers taken objection and the other passengers supported the passenger who has taken objection. Ultimately the driver has to switch of his phone and drive the vehicle.

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    In the West, the public service buses have just the driver who is also issues the ticket or watches the passengers dropping coins into the ticket machine. Here the crowd is less and they patiently wait in a queue, give space for mothers with toddlers to get in first, old people to enter first etc. This would not happen in India and should not be replicated in major routes.

    So far, I have seen this in some luxury buses (airport shuttle etc) where in you take the ticket from the driver and only the front entry door would be open. the middle one will be closed.

    In the name of austerity, there are many things happening like substituting traffic police constables with traffic volunteers who are ignored by all. Proper trained teachers are replaced by assistant teachers,in many professions you will see many new junior faces in the crowd that manages the work.

    We would reach a point where in we would be more and more proactively doing the safety checks ourselves and have a low threshold to raise our voice and concerns

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    I would suggest that the buses plying between 200 km with limited stops and non stop can have a single driver who will act as the conductor also. The driver can issue tickets prior to departure, and in the intermediate stations.

    I have seen city buses having a driver performing the duties of conductor. It is time consuming and unsafe for the travel. Hence, I do not recommend it for city buses, but for the long distance buses only. However, buses plying beyond 200 Km and interstate buses should have a conductor who should also be a driver. They can perform the duties of driver and conductor alternatively.

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    I don't believe this. In fact I have never ever heard of this kind of system.

    How this could be possible?

    But if the author has said this then I do feel that the incidence is in real & is happening ta the said place. Why this can't be objected because this is incurring the dangers to the life of the travelers. Whatsoever, I would never want to ride on such buses. The taxi & the autos can be dealt with this kind of system but allowing the bus driver to come up with multiple tasks alone can't be justified.

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    You are welcome to Telangana and in some services even in the bus board it is mentioned that one man service and that implies conductor and driver are same.
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