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    Even for government school there is considerable demand for admissions ?

    Normally there is a thinking that government schools wont impart good education and hence people prefer good private school and that too International school for the admission to their child. But the Government school at Raj Bhavan in Hyderabad has proved wrong. This school has good infrastructure coupled with digital class room and good teaching. So parents are vying for putting their wards into this school but unfortunately the admissions are over. Even though each class strength rose to 60, parents wants more sections in this school.
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    Majority of government schools are not having good teachers and good infrastructure. It is not that all government schools are bad. There are definitely some good government schools also. But the percentage may be less. In the same way all private schools are no good. But such schools may be less.
    Every parent should know about the school well before he admits his wards into a particular school. He should not have any preconceived opinions about government or private schools. In addition to the schools,the parents should take care of their wards in the house and see that they are on right track. Then they can have assurance about their children.

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    "Majority of government schools are not having good teachers....": Dr. Rao, I strongly disagree. If you take a survey, you will find that Government teachers are much more qualified and efficient than teachers of private schools because they come through a rigorous recruitment process. Exceptions only prove the general rule. The infrastructure of Government schools is also slowly improving, at least in metro cities.

    In fact, the performance of the Government schools with many first-generation learners in Board examinations is indeed praiseworthy.

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    The days have changed and the Government Schools are equally good as the so-called private schools. The Government service being secure and lucrative, it is attracting good talent. In future, the Government Schools will be most sought after.
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    A very true fact brought to light by the author. I would like to add that it is not only in Hyderabad but also in Delhi/NCR where Government schools have outperformed private schools.
    Government schools may lack some infra but they are at par when it comes to imparting education. Private schools charge a bomb for admission and as fees, but they also teach the same course content as the Government schools, so there actually is a need for change in mentality of general public and the Government schools have very much succeeded in doing so with their results.

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    Even government schools have targets to churn out talented kids and they are sincere teachers too to achieve the goals.
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    Glad to hear about the Government school, but we who know the reality of our Indian Schools should be aware that this is likely to be an exception rather than the norm. By exception, I mean about the school in discussion.
    Coming back to reality. How many government schools can boast of having 4.5 crores just for the building?

    The Government school, Raj Bhavan, Hyderbad, had a brand new building (estimated cost 4.5 Crores) that was inaugurated in June last year. It has a private school look and amenities (English medium, 24 CCTV camera, RO plant, computer lab, digital library, LCD projectors.

    The Governor ESL Narasimhan, who ingurated this new building hoped that it would be a role model for all government schools. Just two days back, there was a protest from parents that they are not getting a chance for admission.

    If we have all Government schools on par with private schools, then yes, certainly parents would flock to get their children admitted in the schools. I hope this happens in a couple of decades.

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    Since this school is in the vicinity of Raj Bhawan and constantly monitored by the staff , the school is in performing mode.
    K Mohan
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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