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    "Which Ministry, Bro? How many Ministers?''

    The game has started. In Karnataka, the portfolios are now being distributed. The JD(S) camp, seen as having wrested the advantage from its coalition partner by securing plum ministries, is facing internal turbulence, with too many senior legislators in contention for the stipulated twelve berths. Unable to solve the problem amicably, the party has now decided to fill up seven berths out of the twelve. Mr. Kumaraswamy, the Chief Minister, is set to keep the finance portfolio with himself along with another one, maybe information. Kumaraswamy's brother Mr. HD Revanna is likely to get the lucrative public works department and power portfolios.

    On the other hand, the coalition partner Congress has twenty-two portfolios, out of which it is likely to induct only eleven ministers in the first phase. Understandably, not everything is quiet in that camp also.

    Another drama is unfolding. Let us wait patiently and watch.
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    First of all what has happened in Karnataka aftermath the election is the relation of convenience and not pre-decided. And suddenly the two parties like Congress and JDS cannot arrive at the conclusion as they have gone with their own manifesto and answerable to the voters to fulfill them. Even the corruption charges against the Siddhariamiah was also one of the plank of JDS. Now that the compulsive government has been formed, the common minimum program from each side is not yet materialized and over and above the portfolio jigs have appeared. Even though Congress has technically lost this election, but for Kumaraswamy , the 10 Janpath is the boss and he cannot take any decision without involving the Congress. So this government cannot pull extra long as he has to act on the lines of Yes Minister from Janpath order.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is nothing new. This is as expected. The toughest task the CM has to face is this only.Definitely we will see the tamasha in coming days. We may see some resignations and statements showing different reasons for their resignation. Congress leaders may not create a problem but JDS MLAs may have some problems among themselves. Anyhow we will wait for another few days to understand the future of the government.
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    So, shall we wait? Why are you hurrying up Mr Partha?
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    I am telling myself: "Partha, wait patiently and watch the free tamasha. You will immensely enjoy it."
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    It has already happened earlier. Those with sharp memory will remember, how the Queen of corruption, called Jayalalitha, through her imperial methods, literally threatened Vajpayee, that she would withdraw support, unless he dismissed the Government, lead by Mr Karunanidhi.

    He not only refused to play ball, but also had to wait till the inevitable happened. That is exactly why, Mr Vajpayee still commands a huge respect in Tamil Nadu, and in the entire country.

    I guess, Kumarasamy has no other choice. He will compromise, but literally threaten the Congress, which is now in a catch 22 kind of situation. It cannot afford to antagonize the Gowda clan, which will become advantage BJP. The Karnataka situation holds a huge mirror to what is likely to happen elsewhere in India. The Congress led UPA might be able to emerge as the single largest party if it is able to present a good picture of what it can do, and also openly regret for the massive corruption of earlier times. That Modi has a huge advantage here, is there for all to see.

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    Haha, Partha, hats off to you. You know exactly where and whom to poke.

    Coming to the topic, I feel we even need not wait for so long. This Government will automatically be failed. It is only to be seen as how long one of them keep compromising!

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    The coalition will go on for sometime under the principle of "Nithykandam Poornaayusu". (Longevity, but everyday fatally critical ).

    Both side will compromise,crawl and beg. Those who can and who will, will try to get maximum for themselves. The governance and administration will slow down. My take is that the Congress will suffer more sacrifice and keep the coalition floating until the general election. Either party will not try to rock the boat till then. By that time they will come to know how far the national opposition alliance efforts turn out.

    But the media will be happy as they will have something to feed us every day about the Karnataka Coalition government.

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    The situation is somewhat worrying for the Congress and JDS combine in Karnataka. The coalition will be under threat with dissenting members ready to jump. The BJP with the help of Mr. Gali and Sriramulu is waiting on the fence like a vulture to catch the preys. I give a maximum of 3 to 6 months for this coalition.
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    There are internal issues within each party and the coalition. Mr.DK Shivakumar who held the flock together before the floor test I and II, was one of the aspirants for the Deputy CM post, with that gone, he was touted for the energy portfolio, unfortunately, the CM's brother also wanted the same post.

    So, within the coalition there are so many candidates and it would be impossible to keep everyone happy. Today, the delegation from Karnataka are due to meet Mr.Rahul Gandhi in Delhi for the final choice.

    The honeymoon period of the Congress - JD(S) is over, now the real issue starts, who will hold the key to the key portfolios? Will it be on a rotation or would hard choices be made with the risk of allowing rebels to think about crossing over?

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    Many hopeful MLAs are now confused and fearing that their hopes would not become true. There are far too many people in the line for the minister posts. The alliance is likely to keep the people left out happy by giving them chairperson of corporations and boards or elevate them to cabinet rank. There is bound to be a lot of disgruntled MLAs who aspired to be given the minister slots.
    It would be interesting to see what post is given to the JD(S) MLA Mr.GT Devegowda who defeated the former Congress CM by a huge margin, and what berth Mr.DK Shivakumar gets for his crucial role in keeping the alliance MLAs under his close watch.

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    Many Congress leaders who have expressed unhappiness at the exclusion from the Cabinet include MTB Nagaraj, BK Sangameshwar, Roshan Baig, Tanveer Sait and Ramalinga Reddy.

    The JD(S) too is not spared of such a dissent. Leaders like Basavaraj Horatti, A.H. Vishwanath and B. Satyanarayana have openly expressed anger and pain at the way they are being treated.

    The tamasha has started!

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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