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    Be Funny, but choose your words wisely

    It is not funny to find humor in anything and everything. One should be able to judge clear line between the use of sarcasm to create humor and insulting someone. Being sarcastic and able to create humor through it although makes a person to feel funny, witty and even intelligent but it is the side of the speaker.
    When it comes to the person on the other side the one who is expected to take that sarcasm in fun its a different situation, this kind of sarcasm can make that person to feel miserable and hurt.
    It was the sarcastic nature and tone of Draupadi's remarks on Duryodhan which lead a great war like Mahabharat and gave us an epic to learn from it.
    Thus we should choose our words wisely even if they are funny they shouldn't be hurtful.
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    First of all what rights we have to criticize others even in funny way. When we are sponsoring a person , or helping a person with finance,then we have the right to mend and make fun of him. But just like that making fun, having big laugh, will not only lead to big face off but also bitter enmity as seen in our historical history. We can have jokes and fun with like minded persons to whom we meet daily and exchange pleasantries. Mostly the childhood friends are most acceptable in this situation as they wont mind being chided, beaten and even making derogatory remarks, because all goes with good old friendship but we cannot have the same behavior with others. We have to control our tongue. Outer wounds may get treated but not the wounds caused by the tongue. Be it a child or the elder, we have to talk politely and precisely without making any remark whatsoever.
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    Rightly pointed out. One can be funny, sarcastic or critical in commenting but it should not hurt the other person. I will give an example to illustrate this. "Are you blind that you cannot understand that point" is a crude way of expressing. A polite person will express the same as " Are you blind to that point". Yes, as you have pointed out the choice of words and the way of expressing make a lot of difference. Only few can understand this.
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    It is true that we can be funny but we should not hurt others in that process. But I differ with the example given by the author. Draupadi never made any bad or funny remarks against Duryodhana,,as far as my knowledge goes. In fact she warned the other ladies not to laugh. But it is the jealousy that Duryodhana and the confidence he obtained from Sakuni and Karna only has brought the war.
    When we make a funny comment if the other person is taking it also lightly, there will not be amy problem. He can also revert back with a funny comment and matter ends there. If the other person is not taken the comments lightly then only the problem starts.

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