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    "Be an explorer outside the internet."

    "The internet." This has encompassed every aspect of a netizens life irrespective of the age. In a way, it has become a boon as well as a bane. A netizen cannot even think of spending a day without the internet. It has become a useful tool and power to netizens all the time of the day and night. Let it be education, work, financial transactions, shopping, communication, and many others are at the command of your fingertips. Some time back, I read in a newspaper that an Israeli person conducted his business and his personal works for one year without moving from his house. All this indicates that probably we are losing our touch with the mother nature. In spite of any number of technological advances, we cannot bring the nature into our home. We have to venture outside and explore to seek it. There is so much outside in nature to feast our eyes and soothe our souls. The Himalayas, snow, rivers, seafronts, jungles, wildlife, the culture of the various people, name it and you find it. Travel outside broadens your horizon.

    Move on before age catches with you. Netizens, log off the internet, take a break and log in to the nature to find a refreshing you.
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    A good suggestion from the author. It is true that everyone should enjoy the nature and also conserve the nature. These days people are getting habituated to spend hours together with laptop or smart phone. Whether it is office or work from home or personal
    work or time pass, it is done with these two machines. We need not move out. As such we don't have any touch with other persons or nature. The people should give sometime to enjoy the nature and at the same time they should think of protecting the nature so that this globe will remain human friendly forever.

    always confident

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    Very nice thread highlighting the threat which is being posed by the internet today. The obsession will deprive us from the beauties and enjoyment of nature and eventually the human race will be entangled in its own web.

    We must trim and control our time with internet especially the blind surfing and gaming part which are too addictive. The new generation must be taught this lesson early in the life before they are under the spell of this evil.

    There are many things outside the virtual world which are more refreshing and joyful so why to waste our precious time in the digital world?

    Thoughts exchanged is knowledge gained.

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    People are now interested to know many things so urgently that they need to refer Internet and need not go to the places. Surely by going places and exploring the outside world is the exciting thing to happen, but who is having time and money to spend on holidays as there are other responsibilities to attend among our office work, house works, school children and many things. Only when all get the leave and rest,we can think of outing and till then we have to satisfy the videos and images shared by others who have visited countries and states and share their memorable experience on the internet,
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    We need to explore the real world and not live in the virtual world. Interacting in the internet can be done anytime but seeing the real world should be done when we have the energy, time and the access to reach out to nature,historic temples, places of solitude etc.

    I'm glad to say that there are friends in my group who switch of the mobile data or close the laptop down for a few hours at a stretch with strict no what's app viewing. If we can practice this and then extend it to a half a day or a day trip, it would be a eye-opener.

    This summer we had a 3D/2N trip to the Kabini wildlife resort (Karnataka) and it was blissful without internet and patchy signals. For those interested about wildlife/nature trips without the distractions of the internet, you can glance these
    Memorable days at K Gudi wilderness camp, Karnataka.

    River Tern Lodge Bhadhra Tiger Reserve review and travel tips.

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