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    Give it to them, when they are alive

    My mother's sister, suffered from cancer. Her adopted son and his wife, knew her end was nearing in less than five months. They took so good care of my aunt, and fed her with all that she liked.

    The family doctor did not object. In fact, he would himself come home and engage her in conversation for a pretty long time. The last time I saw her, some forty days before her death, she asked for a bit of the laddu, a South Indian delicacy, prepared at home. Her son gave it to her happily, and wished a very happy day, before he left for office.

    I am now given to understand that many doctors encourage this. What is the use of denying some small food item, when we all know that the end is anyway nearing? And many doctors prescribe a huge amount of conversation to keep the tempo going.

    When they are dead and gone, we will only remember those small, nice and loving moments. Life is too precious. So, why not feed them with their favorite dishes and help them to be happy in their last moments?
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    Nice post. Yes we have to oblige what the patients ask who are in death bed and awaiting the ultimate day. One of relative who was 80 years old and never had the onion in her life , expressed her desire to have onion Medhu wada and asked not to reveal to anybody and I immediately obliged. She ate happily and was blessing for that very good taste. I also felt that I could satisfy the last wish of the elderly person. Just two days after she died. I wan very happy that her last wish was met and told the family members about this. They also felt happy and cursed themselves for not having asked her last wish.
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    it is true if we are sure that the old person is nearing the time there is no point in denying some small food items which he wanted to eat and enjoy. It will give a feeling of satisfaction to the old person. The doctors also may not object to these small gestures which will make the patient happy and satisfied.
    My father's mother was in bed for almost 2 years and my father's brother had taken care of her very well. She never had any wish during her active life or even during the 2 years when she was in bed. But just before a month of her demise she wanted to eat Dosa made by my mother. She asked me to convey this to my mother. My mother made dosa on that day evening and carried to my uncle's house and seen that my grandmother ate the same. my grandmother was so happy as if she had everything she wanted in the life. Even today after almost 35 years of her death, I remember the day and I feel happy that I could see that she will get a small food item she wanted.

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    I personally haven't felt so but still we have limitations to abide by the terms & conditions of the supervising doctor. But I would let myself free of the limitations & enjoy the life to the best possible when my end is confirmed & is nearer. Let it be.

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