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    Must one during preparation of competition/public examinations

    By seeing the suicide commitments soon after a result of public examination or a competitive examination released,is disheartening one nowadays. To prevent this a separate advice should be included as a chapter in the coaching sessions through which one competitor should make up his/her mind on the result. Similarly parents,teachers and friends should talk to them in the way to face the result in any manner. Instead they should become a part and parcel for the disaster on any account.
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    Really sad. The more such incidents get publicity, there will be more attempting it also.
    Anything, the society should instil a moral fear and a logical convincing that no one has a right to take life even if it one's own.
    Such teaching should be done from small ages in a natural and sequential way. People should be taught that for any problem there is a solution, and suicide is not one of them. It was nice and morally instilling fear that religion said that any kind of 'Durmaranam' -unnatural death-including suicide is making the soul to suffer. In such cases the unsatisfied soul may have to take rebirth and undergo suffering for the residual life left because of the suicide.
    However unscientific we may see them, such kind of messages were an indirect good for people.

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    This is very unfortunate. The parents are also responsible for these incidents. The parents tune the children as if the ranks or marks are only the ultimate of this life. This is getting into the minds of the students and is making them to take this as their life and death problem. Once they know that their results are not good they never like to face their parents. Here the actual problem starts.
    The parents should nurture their children more practically. Everyone will have their only limitations. So the parents should understand the limitations of their children and accordingly they should see that their children are guided properly so that he will excel in th field he has chosen with interest. Any field is good for an individual if he has real interest in that field. Once he had the interest he will try to excel in his own field and try all ways and means to come up.

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    I think we should move away from the term itself, competitive exams, qualifying exams, cut-off marks etc, all these imply that only the best stand a chance and the average or the weak students do not stand a chance.

    The peer pressure and at times the pressure from schools and family is so that the poor candidates attempt to end their lives, fearing to face their parents or sad that they have not been able to live up to the high expectations.

    We also need to educate our children about the law of averages and it's ok to fail and not the end of the road. Kota, the most popular coaching center in North India, had the bad reputation of being the suicide educational capital in India. Now measures have been taken in the form of encouraging interaction among students, having counselors, educating them about the ills of suicide etc.

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    The competition is fierce, the seats are less, the portions are vast, and the candidates wont attend the classes regularly nor listens to the teaching. All these factors bring stress and the emotions run high after the results are declared. Over and above the expectations of the parents are also high. Having spent money on the children, parents want good performance from their children and thus even less marks than other friends of their children would bother them. So one should not put the pressure tactic on the child and leave it to their own preparation. One thing is sure, the road is not end for any one. There are many areas in which the candidate can excel not necessarily in that particular stream. If this is explained to every child, then there are scope of good confidence in them and they would perform even better.
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    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    There is only one way to get this trend reversed. That is, through and by counseling of a tall order. Already, in Tamil Nadu, there are a huge number of awareness sessions on different colleges, conducted. Some of these are even fairs, chiefly sponsored by one major Tamil Newspaper and, supported by local service organizations. This sort of an activity should continue, endlessly.

    For, when there is awareness of the opportunities, the tendency to end one's life will be zero or very limited. For instance, in most of this State, those who fail to get a seat in an engineering college, happily study an engineering degree in bioinformatics, or biotechnology, both of which are now offered by many deemed universities. Those who do not want to go to engineering colleges for whatever reason, study the B.Sc degree courses in microbiology or biochemistry or biotechnology, and then follow it up with a B.Tech course. Or a M.Sc course.

    Today, most of the women from even very ordinary poor families, irrespective of caste, manage to educate their daughters in at least the Government colleges. So, things are changing in the positive direction.

    The boys are more distracted than the women. Many suicides are done, only based on inadequate planning, or too much pressure exerted by the parents to score the one hundred per cent marks in the core subjects of Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics or Biology. This becomes a very dangerous trend, since this puts a huge stress on the student's mental and physical strength.

    Hopefully, more of information on all courses available, will enable the student to act more sensibly.

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