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    Cultures should taught in children by parents

    We donot know the result or outcome of our plan on any account. We may plan or keeping in mind to send our children to foreign countries but the result might be changed due to the mentality of the child or ourselves at that time. So it is a must rather than better to our cultur in children. In olden days it was called as tradition/aacharam but the same is now called in the name of etiqutee or hygenic.
    In many places the parents and husband/wife leaving the other while erring in the thought of learning themselves. But they donot know that their such activities brings defame to them only. I saw in one marriage a newcomer daughter in law of an aged lady offering flowers and kumkum by left hand to guests. Neither parents of her nor husband nor mother in law corrected her but everybody felt ashamed with shrinkening face and openly criticized her parents and husband.
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    Ethics and culture should be definitely taught to the children by their parents and grandparents. If your daughter goes to her husband's place and behaves in an odd way, they will say that parents have not taken care of the child properly. Thst is true. It is the responsibility of the parents that their wards will know the value of culture. Many of the customs followed by our grandparents are really good for health and hygiene. But we feel they are all orthodox people without any vision. But the same points are taught to us with some reasoning and proper explanation we feel that they should be followed. So parents should go a little extra and explain with a proper reasoning to the children about the benefits one will get if the culture and habits of elders are respected.
    So parents should try to mend the ways of the children in their early age itself which will make the students to follow the culture.

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    Because of the generation gap the trends have also gone through huge changes. It's not the home & the playground but hi-tech gadgets are also occupying the empty spaces. The smartphones with unlimited internet giving an access to any kind of resources which is not good. The parents don't finding enough time to spare with their children because of busy schedule, making their child exposed to unwanted things. Although I agree with the author that proper care must be taken by the family members but it's a challenge now.

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    Yes parents are first school to any child and for the first five years of their life, the children are near to the mother and they would learn everything from her lap. Good mother would inculcate good culture, tradition, how to respect elders, how to treat others, how to treat the needy. All these are good characters and if a child learns and adhere to it from the childhood, surely he would become more matured person reaching out to elders and needy in future. So parents of even modern era must spend time with the kids and should not put them in day care schools and thus they are denied the intricacies of life.
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