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    Today, June 5, World Environment Day

    Throughout the world this day, 5th of June, is celebrated as Environment Day. People join to clean their environment and as part of preservation of nature plant tree saplings. However, in how many places a follow up for these activities are there. In the name of development trees are cut on one side natiral water storage areas are filled for construction, hills are destroyed for taking soil and rocks and several other actions are done by individuals as well as by Government. The available water storages are polluted with wastes from houses, markets, factories, construction sites, etc.
    Forests are cleared continuously for different development activities. Thus the nature' s quality is getting reduced continuously. But we do not forget to celebrate this environment day every year !!
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    It is of no use celebrating one day as World Environment day. These days as mentioned by the author we all do behave in a way without any concern for the nature and environment.We waste water, we cut trees,we leave all carbon gases into the atmosphere, we create pollution by not following any laws and treTment methodologies in the organisations. We feel the expenditure on environment protection and effluent treatment as an unnecessary non productive e penditureEven any one who had their own vehicles can go out for a day at least today bya public transport system so that they won't create pollution for at least one day in a year. That will be a great gesture in protecting the nature.
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    If the consciousness level does not rise, there is no need to observe World Environment Day. This symbolic gesture would not help the earth and our future generation.
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    It is true, as Dr. Rao suggested, if every vehicle owners take a decision not to take their own vehicles out on this day at least, carbon emissions could be reduced to a very large extent. It will give some meaning to this celebration of world environment day.

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    Today, the schools had a function about environment day, our children had to take a sapling to plant within and around the school and they had to make a poster to speak about. Hopefully, we can learn to conserve nature and Mother Earth so that, we and our future generations can enjoy it.

    I think the future lucrative jobs (like how the IT sector was once) would the 'Environment conservation sector because as years go by, countries would be more and more desperate to find solutions to take with this issue.

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    On every world environment day, every one takes decision to do something to protect the mother earth, but that seems to be in thoughts and writing but not in real. We are all alone responsible for our own destiny. We have been suggesting planting of trees, how many of us as really done this. Even trees are planted , are we nurturing them to feed water and looking after it from possible fall out. If we cannot sow a tree, at least we can participate in community programs to water the plants. that way also one would help in protecting the mother earth on this world environmental day.
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    it is very much essential to catch them young. Each and every child in school or at home, should be asked to plant a tree, and water it continuously, particularly on birthdays. If we start young, the habit of doing something for the environment will be firmly implanted in their minds.

    That this is going on in several schools and even in houses of very poor people, is a great news to cherish. We also need to understand that this is a task that is socially responsible behavior. Through voluntary help, we need to plant hundreds of trees on barren lands, and allow the rains to take care. This is particularly true of neem trees, that not only give a lot of shade, but require minimum maintenance. Such trees trend to grow fast after rains and we need to give this the maximum importance.

    Likewise, if we all go solar and install the solar equipment in our houses, the subsidies are likely to go up and the cost, will keep coming down day after day. Use of solar energy for driving vehicles will become a reality soon, and the pollution problem will come to an end.

    We also need to continuously educate people on the dangers to the environment, when we allow disasters like Sterlite to happen. The licenses should not be given at all. Only concerted social action will help.

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