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    A car with 3 tyres punctured.

    Senior Congress Party leader and Harvard educated former Finance Minister Mr P Chidambaram is saying that the Indian economy is like a car with 3 tyres punctured.
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    The international reports say-that Indian economical situation is improving. GDP is good. Fiscal deficit is also under control. No doubt there is a progress. But only scams and corruption are not there at the highest level.Probably that is why he is referring the car as with three tyres.
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    Former Union Minister of Finance, P Chidambaram, speaking at an event organized by the Maharashtra Congress Unit in Thane, compared the Indian economy under PM Narendra Modi to every motorist's nightmare – a car with three of its tires punctured.

    India grows at 7.7% with low inflation and Shri Chidambaram moans! Quite natural! Because most probably his own asset registers a negative growth during last four years.

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    Now the Congress the big brother become like an old Tyre itself which creating one hole and other in it. If an old tyre is repaired, it will puncture from another place, if you block that hole, it will create it in another place. I think Mr Chidambaram is talking about his own experience. It is their time now to change the old tyre and replace it with a new one, else not even single tyre will work for them.

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    The GDP and the economic growth are the subjects which are beyond my capacity to understand. The economy seems to be on the right track as it was previously. In these days of tubeless tyres, there will not be any problem with punctured tyres even if there are any. The vehicle can pull on without stopping until the next stop where it can get air pumped. The only thing I am unable to understand is how come the prices of essential commodities are not coming down when the inflation is very much under control?
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    It would be the job of the opposition to make comments and point out the negatives of their opponents.
    With regards to car with three punctured tyres, he is said to refer to exports, private investments, consumption, government expenditure(on public programs). He claims that exports are lower and the government is unable to control the raising prices of consumables including petrol.

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    These are the jobs of the opposition parties when not in power. And so giving attention to their statements is a wastage of time & better to ignore them. There is much positive actions are taking place in our country & it would be too good if we continue to identify those & feel different which never seemed possible during the previous governments. The 'Maha Gadbandhan', is never going to work. These are like the different sides of a magnet which never going to come together but instead carrying the differences altogether & all the time.

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    OK, let us talk about Wheels now as one of the members said that with new technology there are tubeless tyres. So, these Mahagathbandhan's four wheels (the base), can we be sure that it will go in the right direction if not right destination? I am sure each one wants to be in the driver seat and according to them, they will direct the path. In this case, the four wheels can never be united thought to reach a successful destination.

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    For the opposition even the International reports are stage managed and they wont believe. But the fact is that Indian economy is really doing well than expected. In the garb of failures , the so called opposition parties try to unite forcefully for the purpose of get ridding of Modi. But on the other hand BJP President Amit Shah is meeting all the head, intellectuals and society big wings to garner their support for 2019 as their one say would greatly influence their sect of voters and thus BJP can win. But if the economy can really do well , then Modi government is assured of next term.
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    Tubeless tyres are not a new technology. They are in existence in India for a long time. Unlike tubed tyres, they do burst and bring the vehicle to a sudden stop. The danger of the vehicle subjected to an accident is very much lessened.
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    The situation of overall economy position of the country appears to be improving. It is not my statement, but it was made by many international financial experts. The buying capacity of people has also increasing. These days nobody bothers for the money but they want comforts. This is an indication that Indian have money. Probably the politicians especially the people in the opposition parties may be finding it difficult to earn money unlike in the period when the other party is in power. Probably they are worried about their own position and that is why we are seeing statements like this.
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