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    A big actor creates the biggest mess in Tamil Nadu

    He is the ageing, but still active, Superstar. For reasons unknown, he still wants to act as the hero, though thankfully, he has stopped dancing with girls fit to be his granddaughters.

    His name is Rajnikanth.

    He made a dramatic announcement, about his entry in politics some months ago, but he has not even announced the name of his party.

    Yet, he decided to go all the way to Tuticorin. Even before he left Chennai, he makes a stupid statement that his fans and those injured will be happy to see him, as the great actor!!

    And then the most unexpected happens. He is asked by a very young man, just 23 years old, "How are you?", for which he quickly replies, "Am Rajnikanth". The injured boy does not budge an inch. He simply says "well I know you are Rajnikanth, but would it take 100 days for you to come here, from Chennai?".

    That Rajnikanth, had not even made a single statement about the giant killer company called Sterlite, is very well known. That Sterlite has spoiled the environment, beyond description, is well known. Yet, all the 100 days, our great hero, had not even visited the place.

    If our hero had avoided all selfies with fans, if he had gone walking to the hospital instead of posing for photographs in an open van, and if he had just seen the victims and distributed the money that he thought he could distribute, he could have won many hearts. He should not have uttered a single word.

    Instead, he organizes a press conference and hurriedly says that the police were hit first and then all violence started. That was not the last salvo. He lands at Chennai airport, and accuses a reporter, sharply saying that only anti-social elements had created all trouble!!!

    Worse, he makes a more ridiculous statement that if people were to protest for everything, Tamil Nadu will turn into a graveyard. He does not, or refuses to, know, that fifty percent of the entire GDP, in this most urbanized State of India, called Tamil Nadu, already comes only from the service sector --IT sector, the new hotels, the schools, the colleges, the BPO companies, the new varieties of services and so on. All this, with zero Government support, as it the worst corrupted Government, worse than even Mayawathi. of UP.

    The fact is the police firing started first and then the violence erupted. Even if the anti-social elements had come, what was the State Government doing, for 99 days? Why did it not act earlier?

    The big actor has created the biggest mess, ramifications of which will start telling in the next few days.
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    Rajnikanth is no doubt a actor first and other person next. He has been forcefully called in to politics by his fans and unable to decide whether he should go alone or sail with some already established parties. But again on the entry of Kamala Hassan, for Rajnikanth it is has become the prestige issue to be in lime light and behave as a politician no matter he fumbles and heckled. Nevertheless his fan's association are great in number and they are ready to vote for him during elections. It has to be seen whether this confused politician will have truck with BJP or go alone in the coming elections.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    He may be a good actor but what is his contribution to the society. The yesteryear's actors like MGR and NTR they spend their time with public. They understood the political very well. They supported the common man and they have done a lot of service to the community when need arises. They never said against the people. It appears Rajanikanth is not even good at the chance that has come its way. He might have blamed the state government and might have announced some financial support to the victims and might have given some statements against the company which is the center point for all this mess. Then at least some public might have praised him and he might have got some support.
    always confident

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    Rajinikanth is a versatile actor and has the largest base of die-hard fans. His foray into politics and transformation into a real-life hero for the people of Tamil Nadu is not going to be easy.

    He needs a good PR management team with political experience who can guide him as to when to make statements and what to do. Because suddenly thrown out into the political minefield would confuse any newcomer. He is often known to speak from his mind, point blank and has misjudged the entire sterilite issue. These are delicate situations wherein missing the boat and making a wrong comment would make the situation even worse for the leader than if he/she had kept quiet.

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    Rajini Kanth (is the spelling correct?) is a hero. He acts in the film industry. And it is well-known that most of the film actors and actresses are basically dumb (exceptions only prove the rule). It is too much to expect social consciousness from these dumbos.

    I know many Members will be angry and they would protest. But I fully stand by my personal opinion.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Partha, actors are energetic and not dumb but they fear of back lashes from the public. Tamil Nadu citizens are close watchers of every thing. Actors cannot give statement and then walk away. They would catch hold of him and seek explanation. Previously also on many issues Rajni was caught napping and was corrected by the society. What I feel that he must have a good political advisory so that his actions and telling would reach the public in right earnest otherwise, he would remain as the actor and not politician. And knowing the latest politics and interfering in them is the hall mark of budding politician and that is not present in Rajni.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    By visiting Tuticorin, the guy who had some good image and reputation has spoiled it by uttering words wrongly. He may be a good actor but cannot be a good politician. He thinks himself great on earth, but only fit for Himalaya visit. I am sure, he won't be able to survive in the political field. He should follow the principles of Amitab Bachan, and give up the idea of joining politics. It will be good for his health and wealth. If not, he may lose all his health and wealth earned through his masala films.
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