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    Do our elected representatives need to learn discipline from other countries?

    In one of the panel discussions in a news channel, a former IAS officer had a word of praise about the proceedings in the Senates or the Councils of the foreign countries, making a mention about Australia in particular. Even serious discussions would continue without leaving the seat and interrupting the member who was speaking. Dissidence towards Speaker or the Chair would be shown simply by rising from the seat and not moving towards the podium. Objection to any comment would be made by signalling with their pointed finger and would interfere in the discussion.

    But the scenario is different in the Parliament or the state assemblies here. Even the Chairpersons, sometimes are not free from bias. Many leaders say that these are the temples of democracy; as such these temples should be protected with the highest order of discipline and devotion. Do our elected representatives need to learn more from their counterparts of other countries?
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    They lack discipline in our country. They never bother that they are representing a good number of citizens and all of them are seeing these situations and their behaviour on TVs. They feel they are doing a very good business. But the fact is it is a drama only. Everyone is having their own personal agenda and hidden agenda. They feel by doing all these actions people will feel that they are doing a good job. But they never understand that the ultimate result is more important. If we loudly say that the other country representatives are doing a good job, all these people will say that we will go there, observe and try to implement. The whole delegation will go there with a lot of expenditure from the money paid by tax payers and enjoy the time there and come back. Finally using all their intelligence they will make a report justifying all their actions. We can take a horse to the pond but we can't make it to drink.
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    Are we not equally responsible? If I have an objection to a member for whom I have voted, I must not vote for him again. If the elected members are not aware of their responsibility, let us say that they are not worth our confidence. We, as voters, need to understand our power. Let us not be blind followers.
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    It's important to note about how they have gotten in there. If we haven't having any idea then it's good to keep the instances of any of the elections anywhere in the country.

    Although the elections are fought on development agenda but as the time passes the agenda changes to the appeasement politics & reservations. But when the elections are done everything is forgotten. This case remains the same irrespective of the regions & timing. If we calculate then no political party is capable of fulfilling the promises which they made before election campaigning & there is no exception in here.

    But there is another scenario wherein we all are dedicated to a certain ideologies for which irrespective of anything we don't want to leave. Considering this, I don't feel that while casting our votes, we are abided by the nation's pride or the image but instead we are either become religious or belonging to caste or creed & these for sure wouldn't help us to grow but will make us more narrowmindedness. So in the end what to expect from the person who is narrowmindedness. This needs to be changed which doesn't seems possible because we don't belong to a nation but to a religion, caste & community.

    I go with Mr. Saji Ganesh, that we the only person, responsible for the consequences.

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    We have to go above our self & work for the bigger cause which has been missing since long & is not happening in the mean time. In addition, there are extremism forces too who we need to fought with. Let's believe, everything is not fine.

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    I agree with the author that both ruling party and opposition party leaders are duty bound to perform inside the house without giving room for surcharged atmosphere and that would lead to walk outs and brick bats. For the ruling party it must be gracious enough to face the criticism and then give the befitting reply through their work done and proof submitted. And the opposition party members must raise such issues in which ample proof was their to substantiate their allegation, otherwise they would be wasting the time of the Assembly or Parliament.
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    It actually depends on the discipline and culture of the people sitting in such big offices. The present leaders have in fact learned these cheap tactics from their seniors only.

    Now situation is such that these people are not going to learn good manners and continue their shameful and derogatory behaviour even during the parliament session in progress.

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