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    What if others violate the traffic rules?

    We have discussed a lot about the traffic rules and regulations and the precautions which must be taken care of by us while driving or while the time we are crossing the roads. But imagine if we are following the safety rules but others don't and this leading to some unexpected outcome.

    Once while coming down to the office from my residence, I saw an accident already taken place. It was something like the car behind other four-wheelers couldn't judge the movement & hit the divider. It was a fatal accident in which few died but whose fault. Because the four wheeler in the front couldn't decide & so sudden stoppage which misled the other car coming from behind it. In another incidence, a truck just couldn't identify the path & hit the traffic booth. Two traffic police died in that. Just to clarify that in the second incidence there was some mist around & the truck was speeding or may be the driver was drunk.

    Or in another case is it really our fault to imagine that those were destined for what had happened to them? What's your decision?
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    When you come out on the road either on two wheeler or four wheeler , it is expressly believed that you posted of all the rules and regulations of the road and one has to obey it. Normally when we are going on highway, the villages keep on coming in between and before every village starts, the name board suggests slowing , curves, speed breakers,schools, hospitals etc. It is the duty of drivers to follow these and drive cautiously, otherwise villagers who are unaware of the road signs do come in contact with vehicles with their bullock cart and get killed. These type of accidents do occur.
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    It is true. Even though we follow traffic rules and the some other are not following we may be in trouble sometime. Sometimes even though we go very cautiously without taking any risk, but the opposite fellow's mistake will create a problem to us. Many times such incidents are common. One day I was travelling in car with another director from Visakhapatnam to Chattisghar. After crossing Vizayanagaram,I was sitting in the front seat and the other was in the back seat. The driver is very professional and going very carefully. After travelling for half an hour after Vijayanagaram, in a village a cyclist came all of a sudden on to the road. Our driver to avoid hitting the cyclist tried to bring the vehicle other side. In this pursuit he hitted a vehicle parking on the road side. We had minor injuries and forced to drive back to vizag by cancelling the visit. We had our treatment in Vizag and the next day we went back to Hyderabad. The cyclist was lucky left unhurt. So if the other person not following traffic rules prove bad to others.
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    Nothing can be done in such case (when others violate traffic rules). Accidents are bound to happen. But if we ourselves follow traffic rules, it can be expected that the impact of the accident would be much less.
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    I would say it is both, destiny as well as violation of traffic rules by many. It is true that incidence of accidents can be drastically reduced of people have sense to drive properly without drinking or talking on mobile whole driving and also following the traffic rules then a lot many accidents will be avoided. Although talking on mobile has now come to be one of the biggest reason for accidents. I fail to understand why they have to talk while driving which they can even do once they reach their destination.
    To make one understand this, the most important thing one need to learn is to value others life as much as they value their own.
    Many a times due to natural causes like fog in winters or tyre burst in summers or skidding off road in rainy season is something which we try to avoid but do become victim of same many a times.

    I think for the same reason they are called accidents as they are not deliberate although many a times due to negligence.

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    Accidents in our Indian roads are due to many factors, the key being the disregard to safety. The infrastructure, the large number of vehicles, over-speeding and lax traffic rules make some irresponsible road users.
    Although accidents cannot be avoided and some would call it fate or bad luck, we can minimize the occurrences and the loss of lives if we obey traffic rules.

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    Perhaps use of mobile phones helps saving times & at the same time increase their efficiency. Now a days, the videos can also be seen being played just in front of the driver's seat. But on cost of what?

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    It is very true that many people abide by traffic rules and drive carefully and try to avoid accidents or mishaps as best they can.

    Still, as the author has rightly pointed out accidents happen due to mistakes of other persons also.

    Theoretically speaking, there will be no accidents if all the persons right from driver to repair mechanic of the vehicles from cycle to airplane do their work and task sincerely and carefully. That will be an ideal condition and in management, jargon is known something like six-sigma.

    The problem is even if one person errs in his judgment or sincerity, it is sufficient to create havoc in a streamlined and disciplined traffic.

    I have seen people (of course who can afford !) keeping Rs 200-300 in their shirt pocket and driving without helmet or belt or license whatever the case may be and pay the fine immediately when caught. They believe that money can do everything.

    So these people require stringent punishment like snatching their vehicles and telling them to bring their parents and then claim the vehicle after 30 days. Can we devise such methods?

    Rules are made but due to poor implementation these ruffians are taking advantage and mimicking the internet race games on old and dilapidated town roads.

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