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    Why the movie makers resort to controversial contents and then find them entangled in hurdles ?

    Be it any language, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu or any other language, the movie makers resort to touch controversial subject and then burn their fingers. The movie makers are more responsible to the society first and then their earnings next. Now the Rajnikath Movie Kaala is being banned in Karnataka pending court order. No producer or director has the right to belittle the people in their movies and Rajni making progress in politics in Tamil Nadu is also not liked by the Kannadigas, So all this went against the movie in Karnataka.
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    As far as Kaala goes, the content is not controversial to Karnataka. Sir, what went against the movie Kaala is not Rajnikanth's entry into politics but his comments on the Cauvery water sharing and his support for setting up the water tribunal. A similar situation arose for the release of Bahubali, in which Sathyaraj stars as Kattappa.

    These actors on either side of the border have a huge fan following, any comment or support from them which goes against the demand for water (from TamilNadu) and the demand Not to give water (from Karnataka) will not be tolerated.

    As far as controversial content goes, the makers of the movie often have to balance the boundaries of creativity and the limits of treading on controversial topics. But often the trouble comes for few vested interests who fuel the anger among people. But it all depends on how the subject is handled. The movie Bombay by Mr.Mani Rathnam is one of the fantastic examples of how to handle a controversial topic. In this movie, there is a Hindu-Muslim love marriage and the violence due to the destruction of Babri Masjid.

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    It is a general practice for moviemakers to fit masala items in their movie for making it popular overnight. These masalas can be of various types. They could be romantic or social. They could be even political in nature touching the core feelings of the general public. Terrorism is being inducted in one form or other as people have a curiosity and fancy for these things.

    Cross border events are one more area which are depicted with exaggeration in the movies. Patriotism is one area which is evergreen to attract the attention of cinema fans.

    Sometimes some of these ingredients become very critical and controversial and either the movie will have to be removed from the picture halls or it may be making huge money in box office.

    So basic intentions are publicity and making money but what way the public will take the controversial contents is known only after the release of the movie.

    Knowledge is power.

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    The more controversial the movie is, the better chances for more revenues for the producers. There are audiences who regular go for movies but if some controversies are associated with the production then other irregular audiences are also watching the movies. Few times also happened that the movies were not of that quality but was a good hit because the movies were attached with some controversial remarks.

    So, for me this could be the stunt in order to create more curiosity to the audiences so as to increase the viewership.

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