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    What would you do when someone tries to irritate you?

    Ever been confronted with a person who constantly tries to irritate you? Share your advice on how to deal with such people.

    There are bad people and there are good people, depending on our experiences through which we come to a conclusion. But there are personalities which are unpredictable and with this, we often lose our cool because of their actions & behaviours. This can be found anywhere from your home to your office or maybe in some marketplace or while in place you try to meditate.

    This can't be a strange phenomenon but simply we find ourselves uncomfortable to the personalities or to the changing circumstances.

    While there are innumerable instances in our daily life wherein we got stuck like in the traffic & at the same time, there are horns barking from all sides. In another scenario, we start early but got late for the office. Another one is listening to your supervisor for someone's fault.

    So what could be the better options for dealing with unexpected outcomes and at the same time not losing our cool? Please come up with the expert's advice.
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    It entirely depends upon my mood. If I am in a good mood, I may take it lightly and make light-hearted comment. If I am in no mood to confront, I avoid in engaging that person and leave that place. If I am ready to confront, then there would be a very violent verbal backlash, sometime it may become physical also. Even after reaching fifty, I sometime don't hesitate to go physical, however such event happens very rarely.

    In case of online confrontation, there is no scope to go physical.

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    Irritating and trying to irritate are two different things if I am not mistaken. As a normal being, one is supposed to react when someone tries to irritate you intentionally. But, in case the person on the other side is innocent and the irritation is unplanned, forgive him for his ignorance; that would be a better choice. The intention is what actually matters.
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    If some one tries to irritate by accident or by referring to other issue, it can be tolerated and excused. But when some one is irritating you targeting forthright, then it is better to avoid him and wont care him.
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    As you explained, so many things from dust inside your eyelid to a friend doing nonsensical things can cause irritation. Then how do we not lose cool in these unbearable situations? Always check for your facial expressions. The face is the index of the mind. Even if you are losing your cool, don't show it on the face. It is easy until that part. All we have to do is fake a smile or put on a poker face to escape our angry expressions.

    Then comes the confronting part. Either leave the irritation causing premises or do something about it. Leaving the premises helps temporarily but the problem is not solved. You can leave when your friend peters you, for an example.

    Then comes the confronting. It is as easy as removing the dirt from your eye. All you have to do is explain how a person is irritating you. If the person understands he/she'll stop. But if they don't, you have no option but leaving.

    Now in situations where you are stuck in traffic, after finding no possible detours, it is very easy to lose the cool. It could be the matter of life and death and you're stuck in the traffic. I think at that time irritation is valid. Because there is nothing you can do. Life is no movie where you get down and sort the traffic. Because people don't listen to others that easily. In those cases, best use your creativity to come out of the situation.

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    I agree with Saji response "irritating and trying to irritate" are both different things. Sometimes it is unintentional and sometimes unintentional.
    Getting irritated is totally dependent upon ourselves and to do that you need to be in peace with yourself and the surroundings. We do meet many negative personalities at work place or in public places. At office where you have to face the same person again and again, it is better to find a middle path to avoid him/her and try to find out what can keep him/her away from you, so that, their behaviour don't bother you.
    At public places you know that the person you are seeing maybe the last time and you won't meet him again the next time, so it is advisable to ignore that person. But in case the person is causing too much nuisance to you directly, then objecting him to behave will be a better approach.
    This is a part and parcel of life and each person has different level of maturity due to which their behaviour at workplace or public places may or may not cause irritation to others, so it is better we have a balanced approach to deal with them.

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    If somebody is trying to irritate you unnecessarily, I think we should act like tit for tat. When somebody tries you to irritate you and if you are getting irritated, the other person is successful. Instead of that don't get upset with other's actions but reply in the fittest way as the other person has no choice than he himself gets irritated.
    But somebody unknowingly irritates you, you need not worry much and ignore him. But the same person is doing the same repeatedly then you should answer him in the fittest way. We can ignore everybody but the others should not get a feeling that you are nonresponsive. Anything is tolerated up to some extent. Beyond that, if we tolerate others will fell we are inefficient.

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    Irritate him/her back, no matter whether it is intentional or unintentional. Leaving and forgiving them means, you are allowing them to do more damage to you.

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    It is completely depends on situation. Many time bear such situation as there are many to irritate around me.

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