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    The sheer delight of knowing India: travel by EMU and inter-city express trains

    If you want to see the new India, if you want to see the India of the huge middle middle class or even lower middle class citizens, if you want to have sheer fun, if you want to listen to endless jokes, the EMU and the inter-city express trains are the best source of such knowledge, such big observations about human behavior that we can see afresh, and hope people cope with different situations.

    When the Chennai to Coimbatore, prestigious , Kovai express thundered at almost one hundred kilometers, soon after it left Katpadi, I found my neighbor very much engaged in conversation with some one who offered a "safe" seat in a medical college, for a particular consideration. A little later, when I questioned about the figures of twenty or twenty five, he did not get perturbed, but was very cool when he said that would the two years of education would cost his daughter twenty five lakh rupees. NEET was a formality, the other fellow assured him.

    My neighbor proudly claimed that he was a "practical" man. This, in the cool confines of the AC compartment.

    Cut to another scene, in a Chennai Beach to Velacheri EMU train. A middle class man, obviously worried about the cancer treatment of his mother, was seen loudly inquiring with some doctor, if the stage was really the first stage. He was worried about the cost too.

    A group of young IT professionals, all nicely dressed, chat and make fun of the HR guy, who had organized some '"inter-personal skills" program for them. One girl was quick to retort that she had safely slept for most of the day!! It was fun throughout the twenty minutes they were chatting all among themselves.

    Life's fun, life's worries, life's lighter moments, the jokes of the railway staff who are the real regulars, the sweet smell of home made sambar and some chutney, along with some kichchadi, also home made, that gets eaten on the way, the constant disturbance of the vendors who sell so many food and non-food items -- India has it all.

    It is a sheer pleasure travelling by the EMU and the express trains. It is difficult at times to navigate the huge crowd. Yet, one can always see people chatting like there is no tomorrow. People who poke fun at others invite all attention.

    Life goes on.....
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    I always travelled in reserved compartments only. My journey was from Kanyakumari to Delhi and beyond. I travelled on the east coast from Chennai to Vizag and also in the west coast from Kochi to Goa-Mumbai. During the journey, I enjoy the natural beauty of India's mountains, plains, rivers, bridges, crops, vehicles moving paralelly. I keep myself reserved and don't engage my co-passengers except the lovely children present.

    Very recently, while in Bengaluru, I was compelled to travel in local trains EMU. Most of the time it remain crowded, and I travelled the entire stretch by standing. During that period, I have no time to listen to the passengers discussion, but to ensure that my purse and baggages are safe from the pick-pockets.

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    Yes one would learn more when traveled through EMU. Last time when I had been Chennai and boarded the EMU at Park for Adambakkam , on the way I could see the crows are chasing the compartment because the fish vendor is serving them the food and the crows seems to know this every day. Again all the petty vendors will enter the compartments and sell everything to us. And there are good singers who sing the latest Tamil songs and seek alms. All this happens in local trains and for that short distance travel we get know more things. Any EMU travel always entertains.
    K Mohan
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    You will get educated when you travel more. You will understand more about the society and its behaviour. When you are on a tour you need to interact with many people. These interactions will give you a very good knowledge and you can get your knowledge brushed. That way tours are good.
    Generally, any rail travel is good than bus or flight travel. The train brings the people more close to you. You may have to travel with them for many days. It will give you a good amount of time to interact with them and understand them better. This is good to interact with new people where we can exchange our opinions and ideas very openly and clearly

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