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    Netherlands PM Mark Rutte cleans the floor on his own where his coffee has been spilled.

    Normally in India the leaders are followed by battery of officials and workers and they wont allow the leader to do anything. But I have seen a video in which the Netherlands PM Mark Rutte while walking accidentally spills the coffee cup and the entire floor is stained with coffee, While his followers were insisting him to get away and they would clean, but he wont budge. He summons a cleaning broom and does the work himself. Such should be the attitude for successful implementation of Swach Bharath Abhiyan. Do our leaders learn ?
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    Our leaders may not go to that extent easily.In other countries so much security is also not provided to political leaders. The protocols in our country are very high. In many other countries such protocols are also not there. I have seen photographs and videos in which the PM of a country is travelling in a metro train. Just he was standing in a corner and reading some journal. In another video I have seen the PM of a country eating in a small restaurant like any other common citizen. He just payed the bill and walked away. These issues are common in many countries. But we Indians always new and astonishing to this type of issues. The leaders are also living people like us. Nothing great. But Indian leaders are very different.
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    This is the problem with our country that even for the basic thing like the cleaning we go on looking for the incidences outside our country & few says that the time of era of before 2014 was the most outstanding but still we hardly find something we can feel proud of.

    But here I would like to remind the readers about PM Modi setting example of Swachh Bharath while he puts waste paper back in pocket, gives another example of Swachh Bharat. In a book launch programme, The Prime Minister, after unveiling the book, kept the cover in his half jacket's pocket and again set an example for all of us. People in the audience and even on the stage burst into crackles and clapped non stop on this gesture by PM Modi. It was the time of releasing a book authored by Lok Sabha Speaker Sumitra Mahajan. Titled 'Matoshree', the book covers the life of Holkar Empire Queen Ahilyabai Holkar.

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    It's a kind gesture unheard of, a PM cleaning his coffee spill. Here, we scold a child if it spills some food or milk. When we look at our politicians, I don't think they would have done it, it would be seen as a moment of weakness.

    Here in India, some are good, but some of the leaders expect their shoes, slippers to be carried, laces to be tied, shoe to be polished and we also have people falling at the leader's feet.

    In India, we are used to even having our coffee and tea served to us on the office desk. People who have worked aboard would agree with me that in most places, you have to make our own coffee unless you are a visitor or a client.

    Do our leaders learn? first, they should learn not to disrespect the junior staff as I discussed sometime back Can we stop this Babugiri?.

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    Some countries are very advanced and there the systems are so well placed that they do all sort of things mechanically without bothering for the onlookers.

    Unfortunately, in our country we have still a long way to reach to that prosperity of mind and till that time we have no other way except praising these instances highlighted in the media.

    Earlier we were not cleaning our office tables etc and were waiting for the person to come and clean it. Now things are changing. In many offices there is no one to clean your table. You have to clean it yourself. So things are changing and it will take time but we will also understand the dignity of work in due course of time.

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    It is a natural gesture for a gentleman. But this type of natural gesture is so unnatural to our politicians. Some of them (Indian politicians) even insist their followers to carry their heavy body when they visit any flood-ravaged place. Can you expect this simple gesture from the Indian politicians?
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    In that respect, foreigners are great. It is the way they have been brought up. Indian politicians are Kachadas who expect each and everything to be done by others. Also, there are Indian samchas who don't let their leader do something. This is the way Indians have been brought up.
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