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    Learning can come from children, too

    Contrary to all public perception, and some commonly accepted stereotypes, we can often a lot from our children. Such children do bring with them hugely successful moral values, are examples of good discipline and being all rounders, all the same time.

    Very often, we find children who are just eight years old, teach their father small things, like keeping things in order, bringing about optimism in their thinking, or simply taking away all tension, through some good jokes.

    Years ago, when I traveled from Chennai to Mumbai, I found a ten year old girl, totally immersed in her novel. That was an English novel, and she was totally unmindful of anything that was going on around her. Once in a while, she would answer her mother with respect, and dutifully have her food. Otherwise, she was always engaged with her novel.

    The train stopped for over ten minutes at some station, at some relative entered the train. He congratulated the child for topping the class, and also mentioned how he appreciated the nice letter written by the child to her grandmother. He also congratulated the child for having learned singing and for the first prize she got in a competition.

    With a great deal of interest, he asked the child," How do you find time for all this?". The child simply replied "I steal time". She explained that apart from the time she played with her friends, she would spend only ninety minutes for study, and exactly thirty minutes for singing. She would write the letters only in the night. "Those ten minutes is nothing, uncle", she explained.

    This "uncle' seemed to be her maternal uncle. All the while, the parents did not even utter a single word.

    That was strange to me. After the relative left the place, I turned around to the parents and asked them if they were not not proud of their daughter. They merely replied that she was a highly disciplined child and did appreciate any words of praise, But they did not do it every day.

    The child simply smiled and went back to her reading. The discipline, her sharp replies, the respect that she gave to the relative, everything was so natural. This is exactly what we need to understand from children.

    The phrase, " I steal time" still rings in my ears.

    Yes, we can, and should learn from children.
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    There are children who are very intelligent and do things in a better way than their parents. My elder son takes all difficulties to help elder people. He don't even hesitate to spend his personal money for them and sometimes he forces me also for spending money for good cause beyond my capacity aldo. Many of me relatives like him for his good mentality. Sometimes he will not even care for his health if there is need of help for someone.
    As explained by the author, there are wonder kids from whom we can learn many points.

    always confident

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    The best thing being small is that they don't know about what fear is & they don't afraid of anyone. In addition they look around as if they don't know anything & at the same time they keep looking around in order to observe the things around them. The loveliest part is that they are not aware of the wordily things & that's why whatever is given to them, they start rejoicing them. They are innocent so as not to keep reminding the things of hatred & anger but after a duration they again come on to meet & play. So learning is a very small part but you get to know about true nature of yourself seems to be the biggest thing. They can be proved to be the basis of change that have incurred to us during a time.

    I have always felt delighted to be with them at any time.

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    I am totally agreeing with the author that learning process starts from early age and the great habit thus inculcated would spread to other family members for sure . Yes some children are very creative and they want everything to be perfect and wont compromise. For example my daughter used to write the books with particular brand pen only and wont compromise on other brand and also insists me to write with same brand. Children are greatly influenced by the happenings around them and they too test for a while and arrive at the definite need and use of the same and thus insists elders also follow them.
    K Mohan
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    A very interesting and motivating passage by the author. Now a days everyone is complaining that there is no time and we give so many excuses based on this great alibi available to us.

    People say that they would had done miracles only if sufficient time was available. Everyone is complaining about the scarcity of time.

    At a same time a child telling - I steal time - is very inspiring. I congratulate the author to bring such a beautiful piece of narration in this section.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I steal time, such a positive thought from a child. A child mind is resilient, innovative and is often not influenced much by the negative traits like jealousy, greed, cruelty and double standards.

    Such a mind is open to thought, develop and adopt new ideas and try out different solutions without many inhibitions.

    I've seen little children in school buses who give chocolates on their birthdays, they take time to give a few to the van driver and the security guard at the gates.

    A simple observation of children having a bun or beard that is a couple days old, they'll leave the edges and finish only the center soft part. Nobody teaches them, they just learn by themselves.

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