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    What do you think of public access to the Cantonment roads?

    The roads in the cantonment areas of India were thrown open to the public from 22-05-2018. Earlier there were restrictions on the access to the public on these roads. The decision was taken due to representations from the public through the lawmakers of those areas. The Defense Minister after consultations with the Army officials announced the decision. Once the orders were issued many people swarmed these roads in bikes and other vehicles to celebrate what they called "Vijay Yatra".

    The families of the army personnel were unhappy with this development. The families were living in a secured environment with military protection. The men will be mostly away from the families discharging their duties elsewhere in the country. Now the families and army personnel are agitated due to this sudden development. The wives of the army personnel represented to the Minister on this issue to reconsider. I personally feel restricted access to public on specific conditions is better than unrestricted access.
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    This is a very good topic. I strongly oppose this step. This step makes the cantonment area more vulnerable to the terrorists. At the same time, the present neat condition of the cantonments would definitely deteriorate.
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    I have raised this issue in this forum and many other social media that Cantonment should not be inside the city and that would create lots of problems for the them and commuters. In Secunderabad the Cantonment is in the heart of the city and all the big colonies has to be gone through the Military area. Naturally during their parade, inspection and during President sojourn visits, the traffic is closed for the public. We have been demanding that the Army campus be shifted to more safer places away from city so that they wont have any security problem. Likewise in Hyderabad side also the cantonment is near the Golconda fort which is again the highly populated area and also tourists visits the place daily. So by having restrictions the tempers run higher in locals and they resort to no cooperation.
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    In many cities there is a specific cantonment area where due to the military vigil a good discipline and order is maintained. Once they are open to public traffic they will also become full of cuous and disorder.

    So when you are in a protected and especially monitored environment, you feel privileged and proud of that but when you are mixed with the common public naturally your pride will be hurt. Same thing is happening in this case.

    We are such a big country that for us it is difficult to maintain a military type of discipline everywhere and these cantonment areas were given a different administration due to that fact. Now they are also being treated like everyone so the ambience and speciality of those areas will go away.

    Whether the decision is good or bad will be a matter of long discussions but some people will be happy to go to their office or other places through shorter routes.

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    Cantonment is the military area where the officers and men belonging to the defence community live. As the public cannot enter an Army or Navy or Airforce unit freely without a valid identity card, same is the case with the living area too. It is vulnerable to the terrorist or the enemy to gain information by intruding into the area. Government should consider all the cantonment areas as prohibited areas, and the entry should be restricted to pass holders only.
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    I wasn't aware of this & so visited few of the sites but still can't drive the idea of the government behind this strategy or behind this action. However, the statement in favor of this decision states that due to inconvenience at the time of even in extremely compelling circumstances such as a medical emergency or a funeral procession that access to these roads were being denied. And this is the aftermath decision wherein many MPs and Cantonment Board members expressed anguish at the "inconvenience" suffered by the public due to the closure of roads in cantonments.

    The decision was taken on 04.05.2018, by the Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman in the presence of MPs and elected vice-presidents of all the 62 Cantonment Boards across the country.

    Although the above could be a concern too, but there would be the Civilians having access military installations, ammo dumps, firepower and vehicles that much more easily, making these peace station areas hugely vulnerable to insurgency, petty theft and everything in between, including sabotage". However, wives of Army officers across the nation have launched a signature campaign — titled "Say no to opening Cantonment roads to public. Support the real guardians of the nation" — against the Defence Ministry's decision.

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    In Secunderabad, the cantonment roads were offered for public commutation from morning 7 AM to 10 PM in the night. From 10 PM to 7 AM no vehicles were allowed. But now with this new direction from the government, the roads are open for public 24X7. As far as the convenience is concerned it is good. But the protection to the families of army people who are away may have a problem. What I feel is instead of a general permission basing on the urgency a special permission may be given to using those roads or making it a payment road within the city so that many people will avoid. I think the government may do a rethinking and take the necessary decision in this respect.
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