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    Interesting stories from the Mahabharata: Let us know about Shakuni-mama

    Shakuni is a much-hated character of the Mahabharata. Many people think that Shakuni was the reason for the downfall of the mighty Kauravas, and it is true to the large extent. But why did Shakuni behave in this manner? Let us know the interesting background story.

    Dhritarashtra was married to Ghandhari of Gandhara. But he imprisoned the entire Gandhara clan, King Subala and his hundred sons and tortured them. One by one, the sons of King Subala started dying of hunger. King Subala was worried about his dynasty. He asked everyone to sacrifice their food for the youngest son (Shakuni) who would be responsible for the downfall of the Kauravas in future. Before his own death, King Subala requested Dhritarashtra to be kind to this kid and allow him to be a guardian to his sons. Subala told Shakuni to make a dice of his backbone, which will become the reason for the downfall of Dhritarashtra and his dynasty. King Subala also broke his son Shakuni's leg so that he never forgets his purpose and seeks vengeance.

    And Shakuni did fulfil his father's death-wish and destroy the Kaurava clan.
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    Yes. Partha, What you said is the fact. None can deny this fact about Sakuni-Mama. While there was a Sakuni in a disguised form to destroy Kauvaravas, there was a Krishna in real form to fight the Kauravas and save the Pandavas.
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    I also abide by the mentions from the author on Shakhuni. It is one more testimony that in every big story there would be a villain who turns the living into nasty and yet pretend to be friend and the way Shakuni gains confidence by Kauravas and slowly destroys them is the fact known to even Lord Krishna. He has been all along the adviser of Duryodhan and in every advise he earned the respect and belief of Duryodhan but in reality he was taking the Kauravas to logic of total destruction. Even in every home there is Shakuni who pretends to help and yet would cause more harm.
    K Mohan
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    But Mr. Mohan, can we really blame Shakuni after reading the background story?
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    Shakuni is the best example to show that if you are focused on something you can achieve anything. Shakuni had one and only goal destruction of Kauravas. But he was alone. He had seen that suffering of his father and brothers and revenge was only natural motive for him. As he had to destroy an entire Army single-handedly, he chose deceit and treachery as his weapons. A brilliant choice considering the situations.

    Having said that, can you blame Shakuni for what he did? Or can anybody else be blamed for Mahabharata? Dhuryodhana perhaps? I don't see how you can blame him. His father was the king and he was direct in line to Throne. Because Pandu had abdicated Throne, it cannot be claimed by Pandu's sons. As far as I think everybody is right in their own places and hence the reconciliation could not be achieved and war ensued between two great Armies. It was a natural process of decongesting the Earth with a little bit help from Lord Krishna.

    - Manjunath Bhat

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    There are so many chemistry involved therein that in different times we got different things to know. What the author has said will change the perspective of the whole war. We thought of war between the Pandav & the Kaurav but now seem to be that the plot was constructed by someone else & the rest were just the players. So is it the Shakuni, who led to the happening of the disastrous war? And if is the fact then no other characters can be blamed specially the Duryodhana.

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    In addition, I do agree with Mr. Manjunath Bhat, that each one of those were right in their perspective. But with this are we trying to justify their conduct in which millions died during eighteen days of war. Just to satisfy the personal hunger of taking revenge from a dynasty someone goes to such an extent with no limitations at all that nothing left in the end.

    Do we have some other way of looking at the circumstances which may have reduced the damages done or the way wherein the war could have been postponed in order to come up with the recovery.

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    So, nobody can be really blamed for the destructive War of Kurukshetra. Is it called Nemesis? Who knows...
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Sakuni is not done anything wrong. He suffered and his whole family suffered. His father and all the brothers died starving for food. He lived his life by eating the food of other brothers also. He knows that Duryodhana is a very strong person and alone he can't fight him out. Sakuni is a very shrewd person and he knows making Duryodhana kill himself is the best way. A friend can easily spoil us rather than an enemy. So he has chosen to be the friend of Duryodhana and taken the revenge.
    Here why Duryodhana tortured entire Gandhara clan, King Subala and his hundred sons were not mentioned. Actually, the King Subala's daughter's horoscope was seen and the astrologers predicted that she will become a widow immediately after marriage. The king is much worried and asked for a solution to this problem. His minister's suggested that they will get her married to a goat and kill it immediately so that her first marriage will be over and she will become a widow. This will be kept confidential and then they will get her married to a king. The king accepted and performed the same. This was not told to Dhritarashtra and they made him marry Gandhari. That means Dhritarashtra had married a widow. This secret was known to Krishna and Pandavas also came to know. So one day while playing Bheemasena accused Kauravas saying that they were the sons of a widow. Then Suyodhana enquired and found the truth and hence done that act to his grandfather's family.

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    This story is actually well known in general public of south. Mahabharatha was originally a poem called Jaya. The character development stories were added later to the main plot birthing the biggest epic in the world.
    Shakuni's story too was editted long after the original oral rendition was compiled. The change in atmosphere and in style is visible. But who is right and who is wrong here? Drithrashtra was an idiot to overreact to the situation. If this story is indeed from the original text then why is Gandhari quiet as her husband pillaged her family?
    Infact there are numerous disagreements regarding king Suvala too, the father of Shakuni. Some accounts tell that he was present in Yudhistir's coronation. Some say that he fought alongside Kauravas. Some accounts say he only had four sons(and a daughter of course).
    But no matter what, the story of Shakuni is way too dark. I get an explicit Greek tragedy tone in the story. So I would date this story to the Gupta period of early 4th century AD.

    The stronger a light shines the darker are the shadows around it.

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    Revenge is a sweet dish but by the time you are served, it becomes cold and does not benefit the greater cause.
    No doubt, King Subala suffered, Shakuni upheld the words of his father but what is the end result. Suffering and destruction played once more. Violence does not benefit the society in the long run.
    Take, for instance, today, I read a report that India spends around 40,000/Indian/year on account of violence, protests, strikes etc. This accounts for 8% of our GDP and also negates growth. Compare this and the fact that we spent roughly 3% of our GDP on education

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    I have raised the thread with a limited purpose of informing people the fact that Shakuni should not be hated so much, considering his terrible childhood.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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