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    Earn from own website or from ISC

    I have been a member of this website for many years and I know that this site helps many students and professionals also, to earn side income. I remember a case where young lady purchased a scooty by savings money earned from this website.
    I want to know from all the experienced members that what will be best, to start my own website and use Adsense for earning or contribute more to this website and earn from here.

    I would like the members to share their experiences.
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    Generally, members use both this site and their sites or blog to generate Google Adsense. ISC is a very good platform to get Google Adsense approval. If you do not have a Google Adsense account I will suggest this site and start contributing here to get Google Adsense approval. You must have met any 5 out of 6 requirements to apply for Google Adsense. These are:
    1. Profile details with address updated
    2. Minimum 10 valid articles approved
    3. Achieved gold level
    4. Received at least 1 prize
    5. Active here for more than six months
    6. Profile photo update and verified
    After getting Google Adsense approval you can use this Adsense approval for your blog and site.

    Honesty is the best policy.

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    I feel ISC is a better platform for starting the earning even though the amounts are less when compared Adsense. Even we have our website od blog, to get more viewers and then apply for Adsense. In my case, I have fulfilled all the 6 requirements and I applied for Adsense account before mother than a year before, so far I have not received the acceptance and approval so far. We may have to wait a long time for the same.
    always confident

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    I already have Adsense account, but it is not getting utilised properly to generate some income. I want to save the Adsense income for my future use.

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    One can use Google Adsense anywhere either in one's site or through ISC. The main thing is volume of one's contributions and traffic through those pages. If it is good then only one can earn revenue from Google Adsense.

    Most important thing is traffic and it will only increase with quality and competitive posts.

    Knowledge is power.

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    I presume you have created ad sense account through ISC.
    Bu you also say that"it is not getting utilised properly to generate some income. ".
    That is, your contributions in ISC do not bring much ad sense revenue to you. In that case unless, you are a very good writer and having very good knowledge of SEO and others related matters it may be pointless to start your own website.
    I just visited your profile page. You had contributed only 6 articles till now. It is time and again emphasised that Articles are the best earners in ISC. (1)They earn cash credits from iSC according to their quality.(2) They also stand to earn ad sense revenue share .
    However the earnings definitely depend on the quality of your article and the potential for it to attract good traffic.
    So my suggestion as of now is, you continue with ISC and contribute more articles of good quality, participate in the various contests conducted periodically, contribute to Job, Ask Experts sections and permitted sections under'Education' category link.
    Then after a few months review your CC from iiSC and also ad sense revenue share.

    In the meantime you may start your own log or site and continue to post contents which can get traffic. But do not hurry to add adsense to the blog/ site. After starting your on site/blog you can ask ISC members to view that and suggest improvements.
    So from now post more articles, post content in all major sections, participate in contests, post forum threads etc.
    You will know the difference and based on that you can think of attaching adsense to your own site.

    You may visit or revisit the following links:
    1.Current payment programs in ISC
    2.Different ways of earning money from
    3..How to earn from ISC and Google Adsense

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    Nothing is pointless, even if we do the thing in a hurry, we only learn from it. I did it once in a hurry when some so-called friend invited me to join a website. It was later I could find that I was misused, I immediately deleted that site. However, I have learned my lesson and after some time I have started my own website, one and all by me. I have not taken any help from anyone. So, there is nothing called pointless, you learn from even a wrong step in your life.

    Coming to your point, as far as earning is a concern, ISC is indeed a better website than many. You can be paid for what you write. The quality and unique contents, you can learn it slowly. No one has come into this world with knowing each and everything. So, you too need to learn the art of writing.

    As far as Adsense is the concern, you have to work hard for it. You should learn it through the ISC and later you can use it on your website. However, creating a website is different than running it successfully. What it may look easy may not be so easy. My say to your query is, learn some experience and then you start step by step. Even if you will fail, you will learn something.

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    There is nothing wrong to have your own website and earn. But the problem is on what topic, what is the scope of the website to be developed, who are the target users and how it should be maintained. For example even this ISC does not become that famous overnight. Three webmasters were involved even today and each have their specific works and that has to be attended. I know there were handful of members in 2009 and today it crossed over 10 lakhs members and that shows the growing popularity and how the site has been maintained against all odds and stiff competition from other sites. One thing sure we may plan many things, but implementation is the problem and we must have the knack to sustain the bad phase or challenging situations arising out of maintaining our own website. If you are ready for all that, then proceed with confidence.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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