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    Am sorry for the thread

    I always have great respect for women. I respect all traditions. I have nothing against women at all. In fact, during my years of service in several organizations, I have been instrumental in the formulation of policies that resulted in more women being employed.

    I was deeply disturbed with two recent reports of women being involved in murdering their own husbands. I thought i could raise a thread. I now understand that such content violates the rules. Am very sorry for this.

    I shall henceforth avoid raising any such thread and instead only concentrate on discussions that are totally in tune with current affairs, culture and so on.

    I once again request the Management and Members, to please forgive me, for the unfortunate thread that has been, fortunately and, very correctly locked.
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    You should know that our ISC Managing Editor is a woman, and any topic degrading the womenfolks will not be tolerated. It is a fact that you raised a thread on women killing their husbands. But do you know what kind of situation the women might have faced that tempted the women to kill their hubbies?

    In Tamil there is a saying
    " Kondu vanthal thanthai ( If you earn, your father will love you)
    Kondu vanthalum varaavittaalum thai (Whether you earn or don't earn, your mother will love you)
    Seer ketpaal thangai (Sister will expect her dues from her brother)
    Kolaiyum seivaal Pathini (Even a wife will murder her husband)
    Vuyir Kaappan thozhan " (Friend will standby to save your life)

    No life without Sun

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    Rather than having predetermined conceptions, I would instead work on the circumstances evidences. But we know that we again would be selective instead of the circumstantial evidences which shouldn't be the case but is happening & remains the hard fact.

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    There is nothing wrong with raising a thread if it worths. Recently on this subject, there was a thread raised by Mohan in which he asked whether a commission for men's rights protection. That was neither deleted and any objection to raising such thread I have not seen. We should see the accuracy of the incident. It should not be a created incident. So you need not feel sorry for that. But we should not unnecessarily comment or make remarks on anybody without having any proof. Not that as ME is a lady you can't comment on women or as Webmaster is a male, you can't comment on men. The truth and accuracy and unbiased comments are always accepted, I think.
    always confident

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    Mr.ABSivakumar, glad that you have apologized. Again, just because two women murdered their own husbands, doesn't mean we can generalize.

    Mr.SuN, I would disagree with your first line of response. Just because our ISC ME is a woman..... Even if there was a man in the ME post, still we cannot raise such generalizing issues which degrades the women.

    If I feel strongly about a sensitive topic and I cannot avoid posting a thread, I would run it by the editors who will either modify it to a neutral tone so that the inflammatory content is taken out or would reject the thread without it reach the public domain in ISC.

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    A B Sivakumar - It's alright. A misstep sometimes happens. Life itself is a learning process. We just need to take care in conveying a topic in an appropriate manner which maintains the dignity of our forum & adheres to guidelines. You have realized your mistake. That's what matters. End of issue.

    Sun - this is not the first time an unwarranted reference to my gender has come into play. Please understand that I was neither selected for the role because of my gender nor should it be the reason considered to be behind any action which is taken against a post in any section. I have been given the responsibility as ME solely on merit & ability and actions are taken by me/other editors due to the Webmasters' guidelines on what should be allowed & what should not be allowed. Henceforth please desist from making off the cuff remarks like that.

    When people come at you with their worst, you should come at them with your best (advice given to Selena Gomez by her mother, quoted in Time magazine.)

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