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    Is eating pickle such a dangerous thing?

    The best food advised by elders for a simple meal, is the compulsory curd rice, with pickles. In fact, even in the North of India, I have eaten very tasty pickles.

    However, of late, the doctors say that to keep one's blood pressure under control, it is always advisable to avoid pickles. Yet, I find that even those who take huge amounts of fast food and non-vegetarian food, do consume pickles.

    Pickles made out of onion and tomato are very tasty and it is not possible for me to avoid them, whatever be the doctor's advise. This summer, I settled for a lesser variety of pickle -- one made out of what we call "Vadu manga" that is, the small mango.

    This is a hugely popular thing in this part of the country, and even in Andhra Pradesh, where they serve it in many houses. The "aavakkai" variety, made out of sliced mango, with a huge amount of spices, is famous too, but it contains too much of oil.

    What do you feel about consumption of pickles?
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    There is a Malayalam saying " Ashikamaayaal amrutavum visham"- Even Amrut taken in excess is poison. There may be equivalent sayings in other languages also.

    That means a potion also a poison if we take that in excess. Even the most benign and useful thing will be harmful if consumed in large quantity.

    It is easy to understand pickles if we relate it to the word 'drinkers' use- 'touchings'. Pickles should be consumed by just touching them. They are not to be used like the main dish. Pickles generally help to mask the distaste of certain foods having sour, bitter, or blank taste. Combined with the sour or bland characteristics pickles add taste to the food and stimulate us to eat that food. It is like a catalyst in a chemical reaction. It s needed in small quantities to help and speed up. But it cannot be the main item.

    Pickles have high percentage of salt, chillies,oil and the acidity of the ingredients and preservatives. If not taken moderately they can damage the stomach and intestinal walls and cause ulcers and many other problems. As people with high BP are asked to regulate or avoid salt, pickles does not suit them a as pickles have a very high concentration of salt. As it contains a good concentration of oil, it is not suitable for those who are advised to regulate or avoid use of oils. For many people pickles can cause in digestion, stomach upset, acidity and many related problems.

    But pickles also have nutritional value as per their ingredients. In the traditional dinner plates, the place of pickle is mostly at the farthest spot on left side making it not easy to reach the right hand taking food.. Thus it is clear that one should consume pickles at last after consuming all other items,which means that it is to be taken just for taste in small quantity only.

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    Pickle is added to our meals to give some good taste. It should not be eaten like Halwa. Pickle should not be grabbed with five fingers. It should be touched with one finger to enjoy the taste. Ordinary lime /mango Pickle is a poor man's curry. Other varieties of pickles are for the middle and the rich.

    Pickle generally matches with curd rice and butter milk rice. Also it matches with North India's chappatti with onion salad. I use pickle with Aaloo Parotta quoted with curd -pickle -sugar. A good combination to enjoy.

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    Since time immemorial, Indians (particularly North Indians, South Indians and Indians at western part) are taking pickles with their meal. However, Indians in eastern and north-eastern parts don't take pickles regularly. But nowadays, recent researches have found that the salt and spices in pickles may cause harm to the body. Further research can substantiate the findings.

    Let us not comment on this issue. Let the food technologists give their opinion on this issue.

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    The simple answer to your question is Yes.

    THe WHO recommendation for salt intake is less than 5gm/day and we Indians consume double the recommended allowance. Pickles can have salt around 4000-5000 mg/100gm. So, one should be careful about eating pickles,because we get added salt from other food sources everyday.

    The foods to watch out are the appalams or pappads,sauces,pickles, processed ready to eat foods and french fries.

    Some scary differences in salt content in Indian foods vs global foods and the values in common Indian food items can be found in (

    If you read more about the white salt, it emerges that the biggest killer is not alcohol or smoking but the simple table white salt.

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    Pickles are our traditional side dish for the lunch and dinner. A small amount of rice mixed with doll and pickle and then add a small quantity of ghee. Noone can say that this food is not tasty. Once you eat it, you want it to be consumed every day. Without pickle as a side dish, we feel our meal is incomplete. But these days the people are becoming health conscious very much and not able to enjoy the taste. Any food as long as you are within your limits may not cause any problem. But if we start eating too much it will be harmful. I also eat once or twice a week a little quantity of pickle in my lunch. I never had any complaint .
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    Forget about what WHO says but instead go ahead with what you love the most. If possible use homemade pickles rather than of market brands. Because irrespective of brands we can't be 100% assured of the raw material used for preparing the pickles. If we are young than no need to worry about of pickles as our body is consisting of mechanism which automatically do controlling & maintenance in an efficient manner. So go ahead & enjoy your food with the different varieties of the pickles of your choice.

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    For villagers, they simply cook the rice, have the curd prepared at the home or purchase the curd packet, have the curd rice with pickle. Thus ends the matter. During summer season the eating of curd rice is important and the pickle also goes along with it. And pickles are mostly home made and out which mango, lime. tomato, vegetable and amla pickles are famous and tastes good. In Telugu we call it Avakai Urugai, which is made up of raw mango and mixed with gingerly oil. rai powder and lots of added things to get the good taste. And the pickles stay for longer days when it is kept in dry place.
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    Have you tasted Bamboo shoot pickle?
    Sprouts of the Bamboo tree are using for making pickles. It is widely available in North Eastern states. I bought this pickle, once when I visited there. It is very tasty and nutritious. My wife doesn't like it because it looks like Fish pickle!
    Dear members, try this pickle once, and enjoy!

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    I did take bamboo shoot pickles more than once. It is a dish of north-eastern states.

    I have also taken meat pickles in Sindhi households. Most of the Sindhis are vegetarians, but those who eat meat, prepare meat pickles and preserve.

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    As pickles contain a lot of salt, oil and spices it can harm to certain people who are susceptible to these ingredients. The salt is especially of great concern for blood pressure problem and one has to avoid excessive use of pickle at any cost.

    We are habitual of taking pickle with our food and the spices, oil and sourness of the pickle is the main thing which attracts us towards it.

    Pickle can be prepared with less oil and salts with a tinge of spices and that may not be as harmful. Only thing is such pickles are generally not available in the market and we have to prepare them ourselves in our homes.

    Knowledge is power.

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