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    Listening to classical or old songs as we grow older and our life changes.

    When we were younger, we used to listen to songs which were completely different from what we listen now. Similarly, I would be listening to something else when I would be a little more of my age. This gives me a sensation that time is the only factor which has got a consistent speed never to get stopped and we are just moving along with it. That one day everything will change by its look and behavior.

    I am writing this as I saw someone listening to the old songs and instantly I made a comparison with myself. The person was old and alone. May be one day, this will happen to me also while remembering the things that used to be with me but due to some reason they are not with me and I am accompanying new friends of my taste. That after some time, I would be feeling more alone finding the causes for me to be here. I am not clear about the course of life or about what is wrong or what is right, but just keeping on with the present in the best possible way.

    It's just one example but more often I have seen such elderly people in the parks and other common places also.

    Should we start imagining and anticipating all such situations or should we simply allow life to take its own course?
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    First of all those who like old songs means there are many reasons for it. The songs were having wide meaning and connect to many lives. The lyrics touch the heart. The actor and actress perform the role in living attitude and thus connect to the audience easily. And the songs are humble even today as we remember the prelude music, the lyrics and the way it was composed. All these things comes in nostalgic as the older generation listen to old golden songs to which they were well connected. Many of the having good collections of old songs and they are listened again and again.
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    The habits, likes and dislikes will get changed as you grow aged. As a child, you will be very happy to see a different type of movie, when you are a college student you love to see another type of movie as a grown-up person and chief wage earner of the family, your interests may go another side. Once you are retired and old you may like to see different movies. Same is the case with music also. It changes as the age goes.
    Again the liking and habit will vary from person to person. I like south Indian food and my sons' want to go with north Indian dishes. Like this, we can increase the list. Ultimately your age and interests will decide everything for you.

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    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    Old songs are known for their lyrics. The music of old songs brings a sense of happiness and good feeling in our mind. So, old songs remain with us for a quite long time. On the other hand, the songs which are being composed nowadays are fast, lyrics are mostly meaningless. These songs don't bring any sense of fulfilling in our mind. So, even if they become instantly popular, the people forget such songs very quickly.

    Earlier, I raised a thread on the shelf-life of old songs and new songs. But unfortunately, I am now unable to search it. In that thread, I discussed the same issue.

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    Though the author has put up the background of his thread as listening to classical or old songs as we grow older, I feel that his basic idea was to draw a comparison between the life when we are younger and the changes that occur in our life as we grow older. Songs do resonate our mood and it changes as we grow older. If we are listening to a song as a young person and is enjoying the lyrics or the music or the way it is picturized (if it is a film song), it will be with a nostalgic mood that we would be listening to it as we grow older; we would be reminded of our good old days and may also put us in some pain if we are feeling lonely.

    To the query by the author in the last line, I would like to say that it is better to live in the present. Let us keep good memories with us but let us not start worrying now as to what the future holds for us; I don't think anyone would be having a perfect answer for that.

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    Every old person will not go for old songs. In fact, only those who have an ear for good lyrics and melodies will go for it. Some of these old songs have a mesmerising effect on our mood and we feel refreshed by listening to them.

    I like hearing old songs (not today but for quite some time) and am deeply impressed by their lyrics as well as the music composition. There are songs which I might have heard innumerable times but still listen to them with same eagerness. I do not think that we can attribute these melodious songs to the isolated old people but yes it is one of the finest ways to pass time for them.

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