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    What If God Agrees To Implement Each Of Our Thoughts?

    Being a human being we have huge desires & expectations from life. And for this we continue to strive to fulfill it but as one gets completed, another one pop-up from our mind & again we keep on achieving that. These efforts & actions continue throughout our life.

    If we try to be honest with ourselves then imagine that in order to get the things done, how many emotions & actions we go through. I am concern of the thoughts going within us for others. In due course we adopt to so many things but at the same time something not going good wherein we are not in conformation with others & began to release from within, although silently but with an attacking attitude. For an instance when we lose our patience then there is no limit of extreme decisions that we even don't hesitate to come up with. The same time we also demand from God to pl. listen to him & do the needful. The same is the case with another side too with whom we are in fight.

    These are absolutely not required but during course of life we haven't learnt to control our emotions & actions & this is because we evident of the most dis-respectful incidences.

    Thanking God that You listen to each one of us but implement what is good for all of us.
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    God agrees to implement each of our thoughts, but only if they are legitimate, not out of bounds and not coupled with greediness. Even God wont like we seeking little favors now and then. Actually God wants us to ask him big boon so that he can evaluate and then grant. But we always underestimated the God and his power and even sought small favors which belittles his power. So next time you want to achieve anything big, organize a big gathering and pray for the God for big thing to achieve. If the gathering is good for a cause even God would oblige and the boon is granted.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    I think then there will not be any thrill in our life. We know that whatever we want it will be fulfilled. So we will be asking and getting and make us lazy. On the other side, we start asking for the downfall of others because we know that whatever we wish God will give us. Similarly, somebody else may ask for our downfall. This entire land will become dirty with more bad things happening.
    I remember a story which was narrated to me by my grandfather. There were two brothers in a village. Both of them are praying to Lord Siva for a Darshan. One day Lord Siva has come to the elder son and asked him what was his wish. He asked the God whether he met his other brother. God replied in negative. Then the brother asked him the double of whatever his brother asks him. God said Ok and gone to the other brother. The other brother also asked him the same question. The God told him that he met his brother and he will sanction him whatever he gives to this man. Once the younger brother came to know about it he asked the God to see that he will lose one eye. God said Ok. Ultimately the younger brother lost one eye and the elder brother lost two eyes.
    So it is better not to expect that whatever we wish we will get.

    always confident

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    If God agrees to implement out thoughts, the it will be dangerous to even us.There will be only chaos.
    To give a small example,in a class of students, some will think and wish the particular teacher be absent, and some others will wish the teacher to come.What God can do in such circumstances? In an election each candidate will wish or think about himself winning and the others losing? What can be done? On a Muhurt day, those who would have arranged for a function would not wan trains,but the farmer nearby will want rains. A person who is arriving late will want the train /flight to start late, but one who is in a hurry for an urgent mater will want the same to be early.
    These are just a few and simple examples. Man is a big combination of conflicts and conflicting thoughts. There can be afterthoughts also. We give 'shaap' (curse) sometimes without thinking of the consequences. Then we may regret and think opposite later. Can such things be implemented?

    Human mind is so smart and devious that he may think of subjugating God.There is an example of 'Bhasmaaura". and many other 'Asuras' who got boons and used those to outwit the boon givers themselves.

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    And if God agrees to implement each one of our thoughts, we all become head strong and arrogant and that leads to new situation of supremacy over others and virtual war for ego takes place.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    If God allows each of us to implement our own wish, then the world will be destroyed. I would wish that my enemy must perish, my enemy would wish the same for me. India and Pakistan would have the same wish for one another. And the world would be destroyed in days. This is because, the human being is the most greedy, selfish, cunning and fierce animal of the world.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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