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    Law will take its own course says the politician if vendetta action was taken against the opponent ?

    There is always a tussle between ruling party members and opposition party leaders. Those who wrested the power from other party, from day one they would dig the past of the past CM or Minister and thus inquiry is ordered, And when the media asks about the vendetta on the opposition party, the ruling party would say that the law would take its own course and they are not involving or interfering with the case. So what does mean the law ell take its own course. What would be the time limit , no body knows.
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    It is true that law will take its own course. Either in this world or in the other world. But these politicians think they can do anything they wanted. Today you are in power and tomorrow you may not. Then the other party will use the same tool on you also. Theis very fact is forgotten by all. These politicians these days never think or talk about the people and their welfare. They always blame the other party for all the failures and praise their party for all the success.
    The great Ex CM of united AP YSR used to say this phrase many times. But ultimately law has taken its own course and the death he died is a very nasty death and no one should expect even their enemy also such death.
    His son Jagan was in court and Jail for many months but he is now free on the roads expecting to be the CM in next elections. How it is happen ing. The law will take its own course. But the suffers or victims in this political game are the common people.

    always confident

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