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    Are you in a habit of multitasking?

    There was a time when multitasking was unheard thing. People did things in a medium pace and were never bothered for time.

    With technological and scientific advancements new dimensions emerged to occupy the people and today it has become quite common to type on your phone while walking.

    A housewife while cooking in kitchen is parallelly managing the message forwarding or receiving in WhatsApp. Many people are doing this type of multiple activities.

    Are you also multitasking nowadays?
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    The era we live in a fast era. Everything we have to do fast. Time and Tide waits for none. So we have to plan the things in such a way that we will be the front-runners. Even in the latest contest conduct by ME on ISC with the same score the person who sent the answers first got the first prize but with the same marks who sent later got the 2nd prize. So we should multitask to complete the work earliest. One stove will be dedicated to rice and the other stove will be for curry so that both will get ready almost same time. These days you should practice multitasking for winning the race. But while walking typing on a phone I can't call as a multi-tasking. It may cause an accident. Similarly while cooking forwarding messages also is not a multitasking in ma=y opinion. Screening the works and giving the priorities and while working on one assignment making the plan for another task when you a free time and while working on a project trying to do another project planning are the examples for multitasking.
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    My wife is an expert in multi-tasking. But what about me? Let me not discuss my domestic secret in public! But many people (including my near and dear ones) consider me a 'good-for-nothing' fellow. Forget about multi-tasking, they feel that I am not fit even for single-tasking.
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    Even when we are not habituated. we are forced to do multi tasking and in this regard it starts earnestly from the kitchen of every house, where in the house hold does many multitasking works in tandem. For example doing two items on a gas stove at one go is the multi tasking activity and that happens automatically for the housewives. And while getting ready the children for the schools, they invariably does many multitasking which can be listed all along. But what I wish to state that multitasking has become necessity and those who does not know the importance of it are considered lazy now.
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