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    What is so special about our God's Own Country?

    If there is one region I admire most in India, it is Kerala. Look at the 100% literacy. Look at how the Mallus ( as they call themselves) are so neat, keep their surroundings also clean, and go to any corner of the world, to not only survive and grow but also to make a deep impression. How is that each family has a member in the Gulf or elsewhere?

    Years ago, I visited the home of our former Executive Director at a place called Angamali, which is near the Cochin International Airport. The area looks like Kashmir, so seat, so beautiful and so superbly maintained. Right in front of a huge hall, there was enough space on the roof for a thief to conveniently enter the building. When quizzed, the gentleman, merely replied that he had provisions for rainwater harvesting!! He also said that his brother was the police chief of the area, and no thief dare enter their house. The mansion was also superbly maintained with the finest gardens.

    What is so special about God's own country? How is that everything is so beautiful, there is so much of nature, and places like Munnar keep the tourist traffic going and thriving?

    Yes, there is some communism, but that is meaningful, as the spread of wealth is more uniform than elsewhere. What makes Kerala so special?
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    Many Keralites are rich. There are many Keralites who were settled in Arab countries. Not only in Arab Countries but also all over the world. They will respect their profession and they have the dignity of labour concept. This is a positive point for Keralites and that is why they excel in their activities.
    They are all well educated and never hesitate to go anywhere for their profession. They like their motherland very much. A portion of their earnings they use for their motherland development.
    The places are beautiful and greenery is very good and water availability is also good. Their house construction is also good. There are many places in Kerala which are very green and eco-friendly. It is a boon to live in Kerala. A place which is less polluted and nice places.

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    I am happy to note contents of the thread as well as that of the first response. Kerala is generally referred as 'God's own country'. Actually this usage came up from an advertisement of the Tourism department. The spirit behind the usage was the natural beauty of this small piece of land. On the eastern side Kerala has Western Ghats, West has the ocean with an average width of 90 km. and a length of 580 km. There are eleven rivers flowing through this small area. This help the growth of greenery throughout. This geographical lay out with water and green throughout except in cities and towns make the place environmentally comfortable compared to several other areas in this country. This attracts others especially foreigners.
    As mentioned above the people of this State are more educated and almost completely literate. It was only Kerala which became completely literate. Similarly the spread of reading rooms and libraries was another aspect. The left movements played a major role in this. Even now thousands of libraries in Kerala are managed by left organisations. Same is the case with Cooperative organizations. Spread of schools irrespective of city or village was another criterion in the development of the State. Abailability of medical facilities in all towns including villages also help maintaining the general health.
    The general improvements in all fields like this have helped maintaining Kerala a God's own country.

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    What I feel that the Kerala is the gifted state with abidance nature of trees, flora and fauna and above all the slopes and ridges makes the feeling of living in Kashmir. The climate also seems to be tolerable and being abetting the coast, most of the Keralites are habituated to fish and sea food preference. They live very coolly, no tension in life, as one of the member in each family would work in Gulf and take care of their needs. And those who have vast lands are doing farming, vegetation and live with the nature and thus gives the feeling of so close to the God. Surely that kind of atmosphere is absent in many states.
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    Kerala is really a 'Gods own country'. First time I visited Kerala in 1984 with four of my friends. I stayed at the house of my Kerala friend which was about 30 KM to Trivandrum. A big tiled house in old design surrounded by a garden. It was heavenly indeed. We went on a boat ride from Alleppy to Kottayam. It was so beautiful.
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    The Konaseema in the East Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh is almost looking like Mini Kerala. Plenty of water, a lot of greenery, Vedic scholars and very good natured people of this area make this land also a special place. I think people who have seen both Kerala and Konaseema will agree with my statement.
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