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    The "indeed" friends: what life is all about

    A friend in need is a friend indeed.

    This is a famous saying that we all know. How many of us have "indeed"friends?

    It is quite easy to spot them. They are selfless. They are always by our side. They are always there at our beck and call, and would help us even financially. They are our friends, philosophers and guides, for life.

    I had an aunt and uncle, who, till this date, rank among my best friends. I recollect the fond affection shown by aunt,when I was just five years old and hospitalized. She remained in the hospital, all through the ten days and nursed me back to health. She refused to go out at all. The reason was that my brothers and sister had examinations at that time.

    This is the stuff we need from friends. Someone who will go all out of their way to help us. To enable us to live in peace and also to get back to normal life, when we are in trouble.

    Needless to add, we will reciprocate all the affection. Such friends are rare, but if we have such friends, our life is one of values, affection,optimism and total care. We miss them when they out of station, and run to their houses when they return. They do as much.

    Such "indeed"friends are what life is all about. What do members say on this vital aspect of life?
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    Luckily I am having so many Indeed friends, who keep aside their priorities and attend to my liking and wants. It indeed gives feel good feeling when when the friends understand us before telling them our needs. Such friends are rare and we should not miss them. And it all depends on our behavior with them too. If we reciprocate the friendship with same coin, the opposite reactions would also be one step ahead. So next time when we blame as to the friends were not good, it is the fault within us and that should rectified first. And good friends are those who are always with us in good and bad times.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    When the pond is full of water there will be many frogs. But when the pond is empty we can't even see one single frog. This is true with the mankind also. When you have power in your hand or when you have money in your hand many people will be around you. We think they are all our friends. But when you don't have either power or money with you, nobody we never look at you. So mistake people around us are as our friends. No, it is not correct. People around you are just opportunists. They will utilise you for their benefit.
    But there few people who will never leave you whether you have power or not and/or whether you have the money or not. These are only your real friends and definitely, they will help you when you need. So we should be selective in choosing our people who will be around us.
    We should have a few good indeed friends who will help us when we are in need.

    always confident

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