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    Punishing school children. Where do we draw the line?

    It won't be a surprise if few of us have had our ears twisted or received a few beatings with a scale during our school days. Corporal punishment like using the cane was reserved for the most troublesome students.

    But now, things have changed, some students are difficult to control, do not listen to the teacher's warnings and disruptive in the class. From the teacher's viewpoint, it is more and more difficult to find a way to get a hold of the troublemakers so that class can go on smoothly.
    Many parents, due to their emotional outburst, quickly take to social media against the teacher and school and spark protests.

    All three parties concerned would be at fault (errant, undertrained teachers, disruptive students, and arrogant parents) to varying degrees contributing to the issue that finally hits the papers leading to the suspension of teachers, school property being vandalized etc.

    How does one advise the teachers, parents and children? What should the school authorities lay down as guidelines because there would be frequent such instances wherein the student may be at fault and the teacher becomes a victim of unwanted publicity and vice-versa?
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    Punishment must be such which enables the erring student to rectify his/her mistake. Punishment must be laced with affection. This has been aptly explained in Bengali :"Sashan kora tar-i saje, sohag kore je". This means: "Only who gives affection, can punish".

    But nowadays, we see that punishment is given by teachers or in some cases parents which is inhuman and not commensurate with the fault.

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    I feel mainly the students don't have respect towards their teachers. There starts the actual problem. If you respect your teacher you will take his words positively and never make jokes against the teacher. This mainly depends on the bringing up of the child by their parents. Our Indian culture has given a big place to the Guru in everybody's life. These things should be narrated to the children.
    At the same time, teachers should not treat their profession as a job. They should feel that all the students are like their children. They should give a better treatment to the children. They have every right to punish the students but it should be to see that the student understands the reason for the punishment. The punishment should not be like that he will get a fear and may not like to come to the school. So a teacher should first start loving their students and tell them how much he has a love for them. Then if he gives a little punishment also students will never complain about the teacher to their parents.

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    I would rather draw the attention to the society & the type of environment we are accompanying with for our to do list or accomplished jobs. This is a fact that our minds get manipulated with any kinds of entities that we come in contact with & slowly we get transformed.

    Observation is the biggest learning asset for any of us. Considering this, nothing goes good with our surroundings or the atmosphere. We are not complying with what we should have been complied to. The teacher says to follow the traffic rules so as to be safe but on the other hand the teachers can often be seen as not following the traffic rules. The under eighteen generation can also be seen driving the vehicles which is not as per law but their parents are well aware of this. The technologies have led to the creation of more open atmosphere & the easily available software & the videos having undesired impact on the minds. During the course we have developed the mind which is self-centered & thinking on only of monetary terms. What these all comes-up is that the teacher & the parents are going their way & the students are more or less confused.

    The only solution is to develop the things on a balanced way which is challenging today than ever before.

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    A school teacher need not beat a child and here mere presence with electrifying personality and high voice itself would bring jitters among the students. I have seen many teachers just see the child with her two wide open eyes. That's all the child would fall in her line and listen to the teachings and also the advises. It is normally said that those who beat the children or student, they loose interest in studies and instead they are terrified to attend the school itself. So a teacher has to be friendly with every child and try to behave like their mother away from the home. That would mend their ways.
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    In our times it was common to have beatings and thrashings by the teachers, especially to the mischievous students.

    Today the situation is totally changed and people can not imagine that teacher has beaten their children.

    In my opinion, beating is not a bad thing if the teacher is using it only in extreme cases. The effect which beating makes to create discipline is remarkable.

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    Punishment is important for students and it means you have failed to understand WHY the action has taken place. Punishment help the child be disciplined and help to improve the child psychology and help cultivate good habits.
    Teachers punish a student when he/she finds his/her student has an incomplete homework or because of not being disciplined or well mannered but Corporal punishments has increased nowadays. This hinders the psychological, physical and mental growth of the children. Due to wrong way of punishment a sense of fear is created among children or a child is affected mentally.

    In other words a child should be punished as it helps them in their development but they should not be subjected to severe or harsh punishments. This hampers the growth of the child and the child becomes inferior and creates hatredness toward others.

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    Child is a child, mostly immature d, will try to make fun and enjoy. But its teacher's (or parents or the senior people) responsibility how to tackle the things in a nice way. They should make/guide or teach the children without troubling them. They should inculcate good things in their mind by telling stories, playing games etc. in a funny way. Teacher should not loose temper and should have lots of patience, then teacher will also get good respect.

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