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    Avoiding all the "slips" of tongue

    Not a single offensive word uttered, can ever be taken back, is a famous saying in Tamil.

    To follow this in real life, is a huge challenge. Each one of us is guilty here. There are no exceptions. It often starts with our wives. We ventilate all our official frustration on our wives, trying to justify part of it, as "slips" of tongue.

    Sadly, it is not, as our wives are deeply disturbed. Children who are adamant, and who do not even listen to us, also face our wrath. Use of any offensive/bad word, should be totally avoided.

    It is very easy to preach, but very difficult to practice. Even the best of professional Managers and leaders have huge "slips" of tongue, which prove very dangerous, and even leads to violence, in the case of public figures.

    We need to be calm and, simply let go. This is very important. The second thing is to have a philosophical bent of mind, as this will make us think before we utter a single word. In fact, we stand to lose even the best of friends if we are not careful.

    Members may please through additional light on what can be done in this regard.
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    It is a very good habit to control our tongue and put it under control. Unnecessarily using the tongue will bring sometimes very difficulties. The tongue will make your back to suffer. So to keep our back safely we should control our tongue. A word uttered can't be taken back. Sometimes we utter some words in a hurry and with anxiety. The other man will take a cue from it and use it to its advantage. So we should be very careful. Try to listen more than talk.
    Many times we use our words badly and later on we feel sorry for that. But the impact made on the mind of the other man can't be erased with your sorry. He may not fight with you but he will keep it in his mind. Forgetting is very difficult. So we should be very selective in our words and should spend a peaceful time.

    always confident

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    It would be interesting to know that whenever we are angry or somewhat in the situation in which we are losing our cool then we looking for any soft target to get released for the tensions or unwanted loads of our mind. So the soft target could be the man or the woman. In a different scenario, the soft target could be the employee or the Rickshaw puller in the open market. Whosoever is weak would be the target.

    In order to come over this, we need to create an understanding within us with all possible entities around us. We are a human being & so if we feel the same then our attitude towards others should also be accordingly. Try to understand that each one of us has got our own priorities & problems, so feel the pain of others & then react. Hope so that with this we wouldn’t have problems then.

    But for sure we don’t find enough time to think on the above. So just chill out & enjoy & believe that, “as you sow so shall you reap”.

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    By slip of our tongue we do face difficult times even in every family. One of my relative had a tiff with his slip of tongue and with every one for no reason and suddenly he cut off all the relations with each one left aloof. One day he fell ill and the news came to every relative. I always have the habit to visit those who are ailing. I may miss marriage or function, but never miss meeting the ailing person at the hospital. When I went and inquired about him, he was shocked and the tears was rolling down his eyes. Probably he repented for what he has done. Soon after me every one followed to meet him and thus he got moral strength and even discharged earlier than expected.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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