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    Should we also invest in relationships?

    In life, we tend to invest in two things, money investment and investing in relationships. Money investment is a must to secure our future but what about relationships? Should we also invest in new relationships with people apart from our family members like friends, relative, colleagues, neighbours etc so that they can be of help in future? Each of the financial investments like fixed deposit, stocks, life insurance gives us different returns and have different features and so is the case with relationships. It would be interesting to draw the comparison between the two.

    There are some financial investments like fixed deposits which are completely dependable and give us assured returns though not very high. Similarly, there are some relations which are very reliable like fixed deposits. You invest in them and you can be assured that they will give help during your time of need.

    On the other hand, there are some investments which are risk-prone like stocks and mutual funds and are not dependable. You can get high returns out of them but there is also a risk of losing the money. Few relations also are like above, you cannot rely on them completely that they will come to your help. It may be or may not be. Sometimes they can become a source of trouble also.

    For some financial investments like life insurance, we pay yearly premiums to keep it in force and moment we stop paying the premium it lapses. Similarly, there are some relations which once established need to be kept refreshed. You need to keep in touch periodically to make sure that it is going well. If you forget after making a relationship and then get back to them after years for help they may have lapsed.

    With future unpredictable, I feel it is always wise to invest in both of them so that we can reap benefits out of them in future.
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    A good write up. Like money, relationships are also very important. Your investments in relationships will pay you heavly when you need. Your financial assets and investments will give you happiness and assurance to your life. But the relationships will help you not only during your life but also after your life. We should have at least four good friends to take you to your final destination.
    So always we should invest in relationships also.

    always confident

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    Relationship should not be seen as investment. It should be a destination of emotional attachments. It should be a flow and cannot expect a reverse flow.
    Relationships jut happen. Most relationships are not pre-planned or designed by us. Sometimes we drift into it or are sucked into it also. Our freedom is mainly to accept or reject, and sustain or discontinue.
    A good relationship flourishes and sustains when there is no return expectation from either side.

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    An excellent thread. To me relationship is a very young plant. If we nurture it by devoting time and caring it, it will become a very strong tree and eventually benefit the society.
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    Wow nice thoughts from the author and I fully agree. When we want to live or when we die four people are must to attend us. Therefore having good relations with family, friends, relatives and well wishers has become important and sustain too. What we think that we can live on own with available money and position in the office. But when you do not reciprocate others or wont participate in others functions or festivities, everyone shall discard you and when you need them at the hour of crisis, no one shall come to you. I have seen people dying as orphan even though they had good relations and friends.
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    I think considering relationships as an investment is in a way belittling the very depth the term carries. I agree that relationships are as important as money and we need both to have a satisfying existence in the society but then I don't think it would be prudent to draw a comparison between the two. A relationship is more of an emotion, a very personal feeling, it changes from individual to individual depending on so many factors; I mean the parameter for money and relationship cannot be the same. The point regarding reliability may be connected to some extent but otherwise, I personally feel that financial investments and investing in relationships stand on two different pedestals.
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