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    Add meaningful content to ISC and earn

    Hello all,
    It's been a long time since I've logged in and posted a word on this platform. I joined Indiastudychannel almost 9 years back when all I had was the hunger for earning money and I would confess to cutting corners for that as well(rewriting someone else's content).

    When I had ample time to post content, I had no deep knowledge about any particular topic. On the contrary, now, when I feel that I can write a few meaningful words regarding careers, job profiles and other important stuff, I find myself with a lack of time. Life is full of ironies, I guess.

    Cutting short, I have decided to resume writing and sharing content on this platform but I don't know where to start or how to start. These are times when people prefer to watch videos over reading content but I see that India Study Channel is still standing its ground and this makes me happy because I wrote my first article on this site and this website will always hold a special place in my heart.

    Is writing articles still the way to go to earn revenue from ads or should we also look towards videos on the side ?
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    Welcome back Akshay! As you said, "this website will always hold a special place in my heart." - indeed it does so, for all of us.

    Regarding your query: yes, submitting articles is the way to go to add meaningful content & earn revenue from AdSense. If you are asking about uploading videos at ISC, note that the video section was discontinued years ago due to slow site loading problems.

    Other ways to add meaningful content and earn is to answer queries in our Ask Expert section, upload exam papers of the last three years, post jobs and submit updates to existing school & college pages.

    It would be advisable first, though, to be updated about policies and guidelines since these have undergone some changes since the last time you contributed. So please refresh your knowledge about ISC through the Sectionwise FAQs and spend some time to go through our Help Topics.

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    Welcome back Akshay. ME has already given you good leads about where to start and how to get paid. please follow the same. You will definitely contribute good information which will make members like me enrich with knowledge and skills. All the best to you and a happy journey on this site.
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    Welcome back. It is really great to know that people who left for years together again come back and that gives greater satisfaction as to the reputation and the pride this site still enjoy among the members. There are many many changes occurred during this nine years, better to go through the fresh guidelines on postings and also try to follow the seniors as to how they are posting. Nevertheless for the writers, there is no stoppage for earning potential and this site gives immense chance through articles, ask experts answers and job posting. I would be eagerly waiting for your posts and contents.
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    It gives a really good feeling when very old Members who had discontinued due to various reasons return to the site. You are most welcome, Mr. Mahajan. Start contributing regularly in those sections where you are most comfortable. Take part in Forum discussions.
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    Welcome back Akshaya after a long time. I can understand your position as I also came back last year after a long period of 3 years. After that, I am submitting the posts in different sections. Hope you will enjoy your new journey on ISC. Best of luck.
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