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    How to solve a riddle contest

    For future reference and for general interest to those who like solving riddles, I am initiating a separate thread about the riddle contest to explain how you should apply your mind and look at the clues hidden in the riddle.

    1. Prescription - what a Dr. writes is often illegible to us (scribble, scrawl); we understand 1-1-1 means after breakfast, lunch, dinner (morning, noon, night), but find it difficult to understand the name of the medication.

    2. Earth - our planet experiences day and night schedules (pass through the day, pass through the night); it rotates around the Sun (aura of golden light); water resources are disappearing (blues losing colour); greens paled (greenery has reduced drastically); horrid browns (land has become arid and dry).

    3. Envelope - it comes in all shapes, sizes and colours and can be used in many ways; stamps are used on them (words as clues - friends, depend).

    4. Cuckoo - a clock has 12 numbers (numerical friends); a cuckoo clock is generally a wall clock (wall-house); when the hour strikes, each hour (routine trend); the cuckoo comes out to tweet (springs out, chirpy tune); goes back after tweeting till the next hour (hourly rest).

    5. Ant - it is either red or black; it sets out to forage for food, sometimes alone or with other ants; they have a keen sense to find and locate food (do not need GPS anywhere).

    6. Stamps - at a post office, the stamps are available in a block on a sheet of paper; these are arranged as per their value and theme (personalities, birds, etc.); due to email, SMS, WhatsApp, very few people use postal mail, so stamps rarely used, but, as I have stated in some forum threads and in my interview, I still send letters & cards [the clue - With modern technology ruling the roost, Unfortunately we are not much used (though happy to know the ISC ME does so!)].

    The word unscrambled: Escape - 'Esc' is a key on your keyboard, not a key to get you out of jail.
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    Yes. You have explained the method to solve the riddles. For prescription, I thought the same way. For ant, envelope and stamps I have not taken much time. Ants are two types. Red and Black. They always carry food alone or in a row with other ants. Your clue of value to envelope has worked well for me.
    I imagined the wall clock. Somewhere I studied the word Ticker as a synonym to watch. So I have given that answer. But I never remembered cuckoo. If I got the word Earth correctly, I might have got the word Cuckoo also.
    Anyhow the explanation is a good guidance for future quizzes, I think

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    I'm fine with the clues given for prescription.
    I was easily able to get cuckoo,ant and earth.
    Those were pretty apparent clues. But I am not very satisfied with clues for envelope and stamp. Those were far too abstract.
    But maybe it was just my problem because Dhruv and Juana were easily able to crack the riddle splendidly.

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    To solve riddles, we need to have some super human brain to think well and get what the riddle owner thinks. At times it is luck that favours to solve the riddles. Anyway, let us apply our mind to solve your future riddles. No doubt, Juana, Dr. Rao and Dhruv are superhuman of ISC.
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    The riddles were very interesting. I could have been solved at least another two (No. 4 and No. 6), but on that particular day, I saw the puzzle late and I was not in a proper frame of mind. So, I didn't make any effort to tease my brain and submitted the answers only after the first attempt.

    However, no regret. I will definitely participate in any other riddle contest, but I request ME to give little bit more time because not all active Members remain online at the same time.

    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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