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    Where can I find My threads submitted as Anonymous

    Hello ISCIANS three days ago I had submitted a thread in Ask the Expert section as Anonymous but till now I not found the status of my thread but I was not able to find in my posts also. I am sure that I had submitted the thread where can I get the status of my thread.No thread had delayed the approval this much delay.
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    You click on your name on the page when you have logged on to the site. You will get a list dropped down. In that, you will find an item My recent posts. Click on that you will find your post on that list.
    Alternatively, you go to the Ask Experts page. There you will find one column with various status in which the question is at that stage. There is a word NEW SUBMISSIONS. Click on that. A new page with all the recent submissions which are waiting for the Editor's approval will open. In that list, you will find your posts.

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    Go to your own profile page, go to the contributions page, then click the ask experts section for submission of posts. you will get all the lined of threads what ever submitted so far.
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    Go to dashboard and search in the recent post to find the recent post. If you have posted the thread some days ago then go to the dashboard and click on the earnings report. You can search earning report and points of your thread for last one year. In the section, select ask expert question and then click show. You will get the list of all the AE thread posted by you in last one year.
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