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    Remove the hatred feelings from the heart against others, surely you will lead peaceful life.

    We are habituated to keep our house clean and many a times in a day the cleaning process goes on to keep the home premises neat and clean. Like wise we would remove all the waste piled up here and there and also empty the fridge with old and stale food. When we are so concerned about all this then why we are not forgetting the bad things happen to us in the past and want to take vengeance against others who were responsible for our fall or fall out. If we remove even that hatred feelings surely every one can life with peace and without stress too.
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    This is a very simple advice, but very difficult to follow. There are some special emotions which can be seen only among human beings, hatred is one of these emotions. These emotions are the reasons for progress of humanity. At the same time, these emotions may also cause downfall.
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    That's what, when emotions can create havoc in our lives, let us forget and forgive those who caused anger and hurt us.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Do you feel that this can be possible?

    Yes, this is possible but do we really think that we having the same intentions altogether in our life? Let's observe.

    The biggest hurdle on the way to this is that we are not impartial. In addition, we have desires of our own actions. Only in the case that we are relieved of these than we can feel the peaceful life but knowing this fact we are not serious for implementing this. If we believe in the fact then we are more professional from our attitude than ever so as to always think of profits & losses. With this we comply with the situation wherein we strive for more desires as one gets fulfilled. This continues throughout our lives.

    If we believe that we really in need of a peaceful life then we must find satisfaction in whatever we do in our life. Because in case we are satisfied we are done while in different scenario we still keep up with our efforts for more & this leads us to nowhere.

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    Removing hatred from the heart is an excellent trait. But how many of us can practice this. Forget and forgive policy is the best policy. If somebody does a mistake forgive him and forget about that. Never get the same into your heart. Then you will have a clean heart and mind. You will be healthy also. Instead of that, we keep everything in our mind go on working that. That will bring unnecessary tension to your and you will get health problems.
    But it is easy to say that but practising the same is very difficult. We always think of tit for tat. We will always wait for a chance to pay back the received. This is the nature of many human beings. If all can practice this removing hatred from the heart will make all of us real human beings.

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    Author has suggested a very great moral value to follow and definitely, it will bring the solace and desired calmness of the mind.

    Unfortunately, it is very difficult to put these things in practice because we do not have such great control on our temperament and feelings. The trait of hatred and jealousy are inherent in our nature and a very few people can really get rid of those undesired evils.

    It requires a lot of patience and self control to reach the heights of exercising forgiveness and friendliness to even with those who have done harmful actions to us.

    Knowledge is power.

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    As mere human beings, this is not possible unless we have great self-restraint and most of our needs are met. Consider an average office employee who works hard but is sidelined for a promotion or raise and instead is being ridiculed or discouraged. Consider a common man who despite paying taxes, has to struggle for simple things and has to suffer for somebody else's fault.
    There are many instances like these, instantly, hatred fills our minds, may not be to a large extent but it hatred comes in because we suffer unnecessarily. Of course, there would be some people who harbor hatred intentionally when jealousy becomes extreme, such people bring in their own downfall.
    What we need is learn to contain the hatred and not allow it to spread even though it's not our fault.

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    Yes, as some members have pointed out, this is easier said than done. More so, if we have had dirty bosses at office, who would have given us enough torture on many occasions.

    Even after we have resigned our jobs, if we happen to see them somewhere, our heart pours out all the negative emotions of hatred. We are immediately reminded of those bad times.

    Yet, to get over these trying negative emotions, we need to do three things. If we see them, we need to keep away from them. We need not wish them,but we need not abuse them or even talk to them. Talking would be artificial too. So, let us just forget them.Let us remember only the "here and now".

    Once we divert our attention, we need to figure out what best we could do, given our present position. Once again, this will involve deep appraisal of whatever it takes to keep ourselves calm, and capitalize on our strengths., This could be anything. For instance, if a old recurring deposit had matured, without spending it, we could reinvest the same in a fixed deposit, for ten years. Get to do whatever is possible, given the circumstances. The third thing is to have a philosophical bent of mind, and think about what will happen if we are gone from this world. That one moment everything is gone, and only our good deeds will be remembered even by our children. It is fine that our children do not even know our bitter experiences. If we immerse ourselves doing something worthwhile, the negative emotions can be thrown out. It requires constant practice, it requires a huge amount of time and effort. As much as one year, through constant effort.

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