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    Do present-day couples believe in true, selfless love?

    Yesterday night I was again reading the same old story. It is one of my favourites. James Dillingham Young (Jim) and his wife Della were a couple who used in a very modest apartment. On the Christmas eve, Della sold her beautiful hair to purchase a chain for Jim's watch. On the other hand, Jim gifted Della beautiful combs by selling his costly watch.

    ''Gift of the Magi'' by O. Henry is still considered as one of the best love stories of the modern world. While reading this story, a question came to my mind. What do the young people think while reading this story (assuming they still read it)? How do they feel while reading the life of Jim and Della?

    Do present-day couples believe in true, selfless love?
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    I feel there are such couples even today also. I also read the book ''Gift of the Magi'' by O. Henry. A very good book and I liked the concept and the way he conducted the story.
    One of my relative couples were staying in our native village. They are very simple and love each other very much. Their children were settled in the US and these people are managing happily in this village. The wife suffered from some disease and the husband served her during that period. Almost 6 months they spent the time and finally, the wife died. The very next moment the husband had his last breath. On hearing this the whole village gathered there, informed their children and they came after two days. These two days their relatives who stay nearby took care of the bodies. After their children came the last rituals were carried out. I feel their love is eternal. This is a real incident and not a story.

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    Selfish or selfless becomes a problem only if one of the partners(husband/wife)s not like that. If both are of same character that marriage also will be happy and sweet only.
    Even when we say selfless, somewhere, sometimes, some degree of selfishness will creep in. But as the partners are mature they will mask it or ignore it,isolate and insulate it and not allow it to spoil their relationship.

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    True or selfless love comes only through mutual faith, respect and consideration. To err is human but to forgive is divine. Very few couple follow this doctrine. Those who follow have a happy and understanding life with their partner. Sacrifice is the essence of this type of relationship where selfishness has no part to play.

    Though it appears utopian to have a selfless relationships but there are people in reality who are living with such pride and devotion to each other where caring is above the personal needs. Marriage will not be sweet by itself as we have to make it sweet with our wholehearted efforts.

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    Love making is there in the past, it is present now and in future too. But the degree of expression depends on the attitude of each lover. Some one may send you a gift unanimous and you will be baffled as to who has sent the gift on marriage anniversary. Normally marriage anniversary known to the couples than any other persons even then sending the costly gift at the stroke of 12.01 am is something very few people have done so far. Most of the couple do like each other, but need not express the same before others. But they do respect each other for life and that is guaranteed through their good understanding.
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    Mr. Mohan: Love-making will always remain, but what about true, selfless love? How many men can be like Jim? How many women can behave like Della?
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    Love should make a couple happy, joyous and harmonious — and not miserable. A great man once said: "When love was strong, we could have made our bed on a sword-blade. Now that our love has grown weak, a bed of 60 cubits is not large enough for us."
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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