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    The season of Mangoes is coming to an end.

    The summer is coming is means the mangoes will be on roads. This year mangoes came late. Almost the first lot has come in the month of April only in Hyderabad. We enjoy mangoes fully in summer. Dal with mangoes, mango chutney, mango pickle and mango fruits. The menu is full of mangoes only. Even after eating so many varieties also we will never get bored. We want to eat again and again. Such the taste of this fruit. This is the king of all fruits. This year we have received all varieties of mango fruits. Almost the season has come to a close. I think by another 10 to 15 days the season will be over.
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    Yes the mango season is coming to an end. Once the rains starts, the insects would appear inside and that is dangerous for our health. That is why we should not purchase the mangoes during rainy season. This time the mango crop was less and the rate of mangoes never come down below 60 per kg for the first time. The nonseasonal gale rains in the beginning of the mango season has uprooted many trees in the villages where the mango trees were abundantly available and thus the mangoes were found shortage than demand and that paved way for the high price and poor quality this time.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Oh no! I think we will be able to enjoy different types of mangoes for at least another three weeks. We are still getting different types of mangoes in Delhi. Now, along with mangoes, litchi has started arriving at the markets, but it is still costly.
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    Partha once the rains sets in, the inflow of mangoes will stop and thus we have to wait for the next year. This year the crop was less and the cost was more with less quality too.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    Ha Ha, for me nothing changes. Perhaps I am one of the people who does not like mango. I never bought it for me. However, if someone unknowingly offer me, I eat it while stopping my breath (without letting it know). I can't bear the sweet smell of Mango.

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    Mr. Mohan, I know that the rain will curtail the production of mangoes. But I visit market everyday. In Delhi, the fruit market is still filled with mango. Mango will go on arriving for at least another three weeks.
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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    It is a fact that the availability of mangoes will get reduced by this or next week. In Kerala the SW monsoon is set, which is an indication that the mango production will be coming down. Generally, in Kerala summer is the season for mangoes and jackfruits. This season coincides with the vacation for students. Children happily go to compound where mango tree are ready to supply ripe mangoes. But with the first heavy rain and accompanying wind almost the whole mangoes will fall down. So within two or three days the availability of mangoes reduce to almost nil. Generally in Kerala the reopening of Schools coincide with the starting of Monsoon (most of the years it will be 1st of June).
    In my house in this City I have six mango trees, one "chandrakkaran", one "malgoa" and others are what we call as "Muvvandan". Muvvandan, the word meaning is ' three year variety'. Once the mangoe nut is allowed to germinate, it takes only three years to supply fruits. This year all these four trees supplied lots of fruits. I gave the same to neighbours, relatives and others. Now when the rain started, almost all trees have become almost fruit free. On one tree alone some are available.


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    I think the traditional seasons of fruits like mangoes will get stretched due to cold storage, artificial ripening etc. Once the rains start, the further supply for bulk would come to a halt and what in the supply chain last for few weeks before we say goodbye to the mangoes.

    Sankaran Sir, your thread brings back memories of our annual holidays in the villages of TamilNadu wherein the farmers or farm owners would allow us city kids to pluck a few mango fruits, pull a couple of groundnuts and tuber plants.

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