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    Can we have crossword puzzles in ISC

    We have various type of contests in ISC. There was a 'Riddle' contest recently.

    In the same way, can we have Crossword puzzle also? Crossword puzzle also serve as riddles to some extent and help in improving vocabulary also. The crossword grid can be given as jpeg or other suitable attachments and clues can be given as text.

    I also suggest that instead of giving more CC or prizes to just a few participants, the number of the prizes may be increased or CC and prize spread so that more people get encouraged to participate.
    The present system of winner takes it all-can discourage many from even trying.
    Just a suggestion.

    ME/Editors may look into this suggestion. Members, please give your opinion also.
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    It may be good to have a crossword puzzle on ISC. It will definitely improve the vocabulary of the participants. Generally, when the prizes are there the participants will increase as they will get motivated by the awards and the gifts. Instead of that if we distribute the gifts to all the participants then the concentration will come down. The present policy of ISC is good. They are giving enhanced CC to all deserving candidates in addition to the prizes. In the recently conducted riddle contest also in addition to the three prizes, all participants got enhanced points and CC based on their performance. I think it is a well-planned strategy.
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    It is a good idea to have crossword puzzle in ISC as that is one of the advanced form of word puzzle aimed to increase the vocabulary of the participants. It is a good creative exercise for the brain to solve crosswords. Crosswords are of various types especially when they are theme based. As ISC is a site more inclined to educational matters a theme based on educational institutes or career planning etc may be included in those crosswords.

    Now, another aspect is that of internet traffic and other related issues as the administrator of a site has to see the ways and means to increase the traffic to its sections or sub sections. We have to see whether the crosswords will attract more traffic or not. In what way they will be helpful to the site commercially. If the answer to these is positive then such new sections can be enacted by the administrator of the site and members will be invited to participate in them.

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    We had one earlier in 2012: Diwali crossword puzzle. See if you can solve it now. No cheating & looking for the answers' announcement thread!!

    Creating a crossword puzzle is far more time-consuming than any other contest or general fun activity. It is really tough, having to create words across and down which have the same alphabets that criss-cross. That is why I did not come up with more.

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    No doubt cross word puzzles are very interesting and liked by many members. But how to create a puzzle is the great task and that is time consuming method. Any way look for such announcement in future.
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    Once We had crossword puzzle and enjoyed participating. But it is a difficult and time consuming task for the organizer. ME Vandana spared her time and did her best to have one such crossword competition. Instead of ISC Admin, interested Members who are intelligent and have time to spare can create crossword puzzle and pass it on to ME for publication. Why not Venkiteswaran try to create a small cross word puzzle?
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    To me, crossword puzzles are good as hard copies and do not have the same appeal online or on a computer screen. As the ME has mentioned, it is a complex task, maybe, Building on what Mr.SuN has mentioned, if someone is very good at it, they can design one and send it to ME, if good enough, then the author gets credit and enhanced points for his/her creativity (and not be able to participate). I would agree with the concept of cc and prizes to spread out, once we see a decent number of participants already entered, latecomers can feel discouraged.

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    Creating crossword puzzle, uploading it and answering the same is a considerable technical challenge. So, I prefer to see the crossword puzzle in newspapers. But I am afraid that I am not very adept at solving such puzzles.
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    Keeping in mind the request for spreading the cc, for the next riddle contest we will implement this. We will have more prizes for those getting the max. correct - the first three members to do so (as per entry times) can get the first prize. Keep an eye on the forum on weekends especially for quickie contests. I am drafting the next riddle contest and hope to post it on this coming Saturday or Sunday. More time will also be given to solve the riddles.

    In case anybody does come up with a good crossword puzzle, let me know via gmail. I will check it out and if it is a good one we will have it as an official reward program after I get the green signal from the Webmasters.

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    Thanks, Vandana for your kind positive response. Thanks to all members who posted their views.
    I think this thread may now be closed if there is no other fresh input.

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