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    Nobody knows the secret of fish medicine distributed free by Bathini Gouds in Hyderabad

    On every 8th of June, the Hyderabad city will be agog with activities as more than five lakh people across the country would visit the Exhibition grounds near Nampally and wait for their token to taking the fish medicine for the definite cure against asthma. The belief of patients has been increasing year after year and this event is organized by the government itself. The small mural fish loaded with the medicine would be inducted deep into the mouth by the Bathini Gouds. But the secret of medicine is not known to anyone.?
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    Nobody knows the secret of this fish medicine. There was a lot of controversies and even some people went to court against the medicine. But the suppliers say that this medicine is safe. They have carried out many laboratories tests as ordered by the court and all the reports say that the medicine is safe. They claim that this formula was supplied to their family by a Saint way back in early 19th Century. There is definitely some less popularity is noticed these days. But still many people come and will have this medicine. The suppliers will give this medicine with jaggery to vegetarians. There is no fear that vegetarians have to eat fish.
    It may be a natural herbal paste made with leaves of a particular type of tree and that tree is not known. Like this, there are many people who give herbal paste for curing Jaundice. Those people also never openly tell what is the paste they are supplying.

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    There may be some Ayurvedic or natural remedy of asthma embedded in the fish or jaggery which might be doing the trick. There are many such curing methods across the world in different countries for different ailments by their respective saints or miracle persons.

    Let us analyse the thing from a logical and rational angle. The natural, Ayurvedic, homeopathic, Unani, spiritual, astrological, worshipping a particular deity etc are the various ways which people believe and go for curing their ailments. These remedies are successful to some extent but may not cure all the people as the statistical success ratio of all these methods is limited to a lower percentage if the sampling is done honestly in a large population.

    These things spread from person to person and people blindly join the fray. Some politicians to get cheap popularity support it in one way or other.

    There have been innumerable cases in the past where such claims when tested scientifically were found either fake or effective only to the extent of statistical success which people already achieve with good life style, yoga , natural living, puja concentration etc.

    We should not believe these things until unless they are confirmed and backed by scientific investigations. We must also remember that modern allopathy and medical sciences which are backed by enormous scientific research are also not 100% effective as in many cases the patients are not cured. But we believe in this therapy because so far it has the highest success ratio.

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    Let us not discuss miracles in open Forum. If a person believes it, let him/her follow the instructions related to this custom. If a person doesn't believe, let him/her remain with the belief. Let's not discuss which can't be explained.
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    The Bathina brothers are doing this for a long time. The ever-increasing crowd is an indicator to the success of their fish medicine. This they are doing without any charge is appreciable. I appreciate the help rendered by the Telangana Government.
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