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    Does "Sampark for Samarthan" initiated by BJP Chief Amit Shah would give positive results ?

    Soon after the Karnataka Elections were over, BJP President Amit Shah has been meeting celebrities across the country and that includes, Madhuri Dixit, Fly Sikh Milka Singh, Salman Khan and others. He has been accompanying with local politicians and explaining the progress made by Modi government for the past 4 years. We know celebrities wont vote, and why Amit Shah has been visiting them is the questions asked by the opposition parties. What do you think, such visits would bring some positive results to BJP in 2019 ?
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    Probably not. These celebrities will be busy in their profession and they may not take much interest in Politics. We have seen Sachin. He has been nominated by BJP as MP. But he never showed any interest in politics and he never talked against or for to any party. He continues his silent work and whatever he can do has been done by him to the society. He never helped any party in getting votes. Like this many celebrities will keep silent on this front. If they openly come out and campaign for a party, they may get benefitted. But how many will come? If there is any benefit to them and if they can have some tax exemptions they may support. Otherwise not.
    depending for votes on these people may not be a wise option. But the BJP president is a very shrewd politician. what is going between him and the celebrities may not be known to us.

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    Unlike Modi, the BJP president Amit shah is not a crowd puller. If Modi attends a public meeting anywhere in India, there will be a huge crowd to look at him and listen his speech. Whereas, there will be hardly anyone to look at Amit shah and listen his speech. So, to have some crowd, this gentleman follows this tactics of having celebrities with him. It won't fetch the votes for his party.
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    Mr. SuN: Amit Shah's style of speaking is different than that of Narendra Modi. He is basically an organization man who wants to remain behind the curtain. But even then, the oratorial skill of Amit Shah is much better than that of many opposition leaders, especially the present President of Congress and his immediate predecessor.
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    Does BJP wants the celebrities to support the party through their endorsements or to share in the social media ?
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    I think reaching out to the celebrities of Mumbai film industry is due to some specific reasons. We have seen that recently some so-called liberal celebrities are criticizing BJP without much reason. There is no need to name such celebrities. The effort of Mr. Amit Shah is to counter the negative publicity.
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