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    Is it not difficult to be unbiased?

    Human beings are having different emotions. They have like and dislikes. They have affections. They have sympathies. They tend to do favours to some people and they may be neutral with some people and they may be harsh on somebody. I feel it is a natural phenomenon. An empire standing at the wickets also will have a favourite player. He may try to help him. But these days because of the intervention of the technology chances may be less here. Even a teacher will try to help the student he likes. That is the reason why the public examination papers are renumbered they and the key will be with the concerned authorities. To come out of this nature is very difficult. It is a very herculean task. I want to know the views of the members on this issue.
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    It is very difficult to be impartial. I think it is impossible for every human being to be impartial. However, we can try to be impartial. It is such a journey where nobody would reach the destination but only move towards it (just like the concept of Limit in Calculus).
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    Being impartial or unbiased is what is expected when dealing with issues involving several people. As a teacher for more than 35 years I had to face this situation very often. For example, when valuing answer papers, I could have given more marks to a student with whom I had a soft corner. But, I never did that. Students also knew this. So they never approached me for concessions. Throughout my life I followed this approach and even now continue the same.

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    It is the human tendency that when we like a person or a performer, we tilt towards them and be a helping hand for the further improvement. There is nothing wrong in it . But when it is the exam and correction of paper is concerned there should not be biased perception. Now a days the invigilators cannot show preference and correct the papers as in some cases the papers are revalued again for any favor shown. So biased situation comes when there is no much competition when others wont watch the special treatment. Nevertheless, the merit should take the first seat and there cannot be second treatment to that.
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    No it is not. If everyone become balance in their thought and opinion, I don't think it is so difficult. The situation become worse when some people try to bring fault only on particula subject. Whether it is relegion/ Zone or Political party, then the other person too respond the same biased way. While we all know so well that nothing is so perfect yet some try to show as if their opinion are the only correct. This here when the problem comes. If you simply poke on some particular subject with biased opinion, be ready to get the same.

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