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    Any change required in the evaluation system of students?

    The examinations are over. The results are declared. The percentage of passes is ever increasing. The marks scored by the students are beyond imagination. Near perfect scores. How is it possible? Being an oldtimer, I know how difficult it was to score beyond 70%. In the olden days, the subjects were less, the depth to which we studied was very shallow compared to the present day subjects and the depth to which they are taught. The parents are not in a position anymore to coach their children at home. The students are scoring higher marks in spite of many disadvantages they are facing.
    In the olden days, the evaluation was very strict. Marks were given only if the complete answer was correct. For a mathematical problem full marks if correct otherwise zero marks. The gradation of the students was very distinct with a clear difference between the range of marks obtained. The system gradually changed with marks being awarded for steps and procedure. This helped the students to score better and the gradation of the merit of a student became thin. Now, a mere point makes all the difference in the grades. This creates a situation where students get disheartened by the thinnest demarcation of their grades. Does this require a change in the system of a how a student is evaluated?
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    Good question raised by the author. Now a days answer keys are provided for those evaluates. That means they have the set answer paper and compare the same with the students submission and if nearly tallies, full marks are awarded and vice versa. But again to avoid cheating and favoritism the papers corrected are rechecked by other authorities before final results tabulated. Nevertheless the children of present era are exposed to internet and they write extra points for each questions and thus impress the paper correction officers. So getting big marks is the cake walk experience for many students.
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    The importance is given to objective type questions these days. Hence for correct answers full marks are guaranteed. During the earlier period essay type and paragraph type answers were to be given for most of the questions. There the chances of getting full marks are rare. That was the main reason for awarding lesser marks. I do remember the period I appeared for SSLC. I was one of the best students in the class. Still I did not get a first class (60% and above). Only a very limited students got first class. The knowledge of the subject and the presentation were seriously looked into in the evaluation during those days. In objective type questions only the correctness of the answers are important and the same alone is looked into while valuing.

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    These days the paper valuation has been made very easy. I went for paper valuation to a university PG paper. That was my first experience in spot valuation. The valuation was so fast that no professor can read the answers so fast. Instead of going through the answer completely they look for the point they wanted and once it was there full marks were allotted. My colleague advised me to complete the process quickly.
    In SSC examination when we were the students in all language papers there is mark deduction if the spelling is not written correctly. But these days there is no such method.
    The present system is trying to test the reproducibility of what the student studied rather than testing his knowledge. How a student is able to transform hid knowledge to application in the daily life is to be tested.

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    Presently, the value of distinction, first class, graduation with honors is slowly coming down. There are schools that boast of an excellent track record with a large number of students securing perfect score and 10 CGPA in CBSE.
    No doubt, the candidates are good, but this would not be possible with assistance from liberal marking, rounding off and external pressure. We need to consider what Sanakaran sir has mentioned about objective assessments/MCQs and project work that contributes to the total.

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