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    Changing The Way We Are Being Entertained!

    Perhaps watching movies has been the most favorite of time pass for all of us. Specially, the arrangements for first day first show & thereafter make reviews of the movies to the friends. Although, the way the movies are presented to us in different theaters were never the same but used to be all the different from what we are witnessing in the meantime.

    Almost a century back, there were black & white screens in which we only had music to listen to along with the boards having written the information of the particular section of the movies. Just watch the movies of most famous character of all time, the Charles Chaplin. Then came the movies in which the audiences could watch the characters being talking to each other. The movie Alam Ara, was the first Indian sound film. The time was passing & we were witnessing the changes as well. The color screens with graphic effects were quite luring for more attendance in the theater. From a single speaker to the left-right combination to the digital era, this has taken a huge turn.

    Supposed to be that the technology has gone beyond 3D concept wherein we now can feel every bit of atmosphere as the screen changes. For example, if the screen plays the bike then the seats are adjusted to move accordingly. Quite amazing. Isn't?
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    Yes the movie viewing pleasure has gone up considerably keeping in tandem with amount involved in each picture is being made. Gone are the days when we used to view a movie for just 50 paisa sitting on the ground and that too very near to the screen. That was really enjoyable as there would be hooting and throwing of money when good scenes are shown. Some times we used grab good money too. But over the past years, the movie viewing as changed and now it is multiplex era with digital sound and moving chairs. All this make good but at very high cost for the movie lover ?
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    Maybe a day come the atmosphere in the movie may be experienced in the theatre. If there is a rain in the movie showers may come in the theatre. If the Hero rides a horse we get the feeling as if we are riding on a horse. The technology may go to that stage. Within the last 50 years, we have witnessed a tremendous technological betterments in movie making and there is no endpoint for this and betterment is a continuous process. So anytime anything may happen.
    Still, I remember the movie theatres in which I had seen the movies. No Clarity in the dialogues, Mosquitoes and bedbugs in the chair, making us not to sleep during the entire movie time. But these days theatres are very comfortable and you can very happily sleep by having cotton in your ears if you are not liking the movie.

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