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    A child’s complaint letter to God

    Oh God! I was so glad when you brought me to this world. I remember when I opened my eyes for the first time in this world I found excited faces of my parents in front of me. Then as I started my journey of life for first few months, I found my mother and father always around me observing my playful expressions, entertaining me with toys and fulfilling my needs day and night. I didn't let them sleep at night but they never complained and made me sleep with a smile. I was a year old now and got used to the VIP treatment from my parents.

    Suddenly I could feel a change. I could no more see my parents around me as much as they used to be earlier. Instead, I could see a new maid who started taking care of me daily. I did see my parents but only during late evenings due to their office and I was sad to see that they did not play with me as they used to do earlier. Then I had a new toy called a mobile phone from my parents which they gave me whenever I was cranky and troubled them. Soon I found that mobile phone and maid became my best friends and they took the place of my parents. I can speak now and I wanted to talk a lot to my parents but probably they were too busy in their work and did not have time to listen to me.

    Now I am six years old and I am pained to see that my parents have a complaint that I am addicted to the smartphone and I am quiet and do not communicate much with them.

    Oh, God! Please let me know what I should do? What is my mistake? I am totally confused. I think I was better in your shelter than in this world.
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    Wow what a nice contribution from the shoes of a child. The child has many aspirations and wants and that has been clearly mentioned by the author. The first five year of any child is crucial for their development and they learn many things about the family, relatives, friends and about the surroundings and for which mother should be the first teacher for the child. And they have many doubts to be clarified and if denied they get agitated and left alone feeling. So never ever leave the child at the mercy of maid servant, Now a days even offices are providing rooms for child nurturing. So even you are a working mother, take the child with you and make it learn all the intricacies of life.
    K Mohan
    'Idhuvum Kadandhu Pogum "
    Even this challenging situation would ease

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    It is true. The real culprits are the parents only. In their pursuit of making their child's life joyful, they think they have to earn money and give her whatever she wanted. But in that pursuit, they forget that they are losing their personal touch with the child and they are not even talking to them. They themselves give her all items and see that she will not disturb them. Later they complain that she is getting addicted to the items that were given to her by them.
    The children need the care of parents or grandparents. In olden days grandparents used to take care of the grandchildren even though the parents are busy. But unfortunately, grandparents are not a part of our family. This is making all the difference. So I advise all the parents give love and affection to your child and get near to their hearts.Make their life happy and make your life also happy but not get lost in earning.

    always confident

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    A lovely thread, we often see parent complaining about kids addicted to tabs and mobiles. But we when see from the child's viewpoint, it's not the child but parents ourselves to be blamed. We often take children for granted and keep advising them to do this, do that, don't do this etc. But when we really look at life from their own eyes we would realize our own folly. A subtle message also is conveyed by the author, please spend quality time with your children.

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    A nice satire and well narrated one. The addiction of small kids for mobile phone is presented in a mesmerising way.

    The thread has brought out the fact that parents have no time to see how their kids are occupied and which are the worthless activities they are addicted to.

    It is really a pity that parents are so much busy with their jobs that they have no time to look after their children and the isolated and love and care deprived children in turn succumb to modern gadgets and lose their precious growth time in such activity which does not enrich their knowledge or talent.

    Knowledge is power.

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