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    Rupees 50 is equal to Rupees 500

    Many of us are salaried people and working in one or the other organization to make our living. Although we work as per our capability, at the end we are dependent on our company doing well and also on the relationship with our boss. In a way, we are earning on the mercy of our company and the boss. On the other side think of something which we are able to do ourselves independently and earn some money without being dependant on anyone. Now measure your internal satisfaction level. Do you feel that even if you earned Rs 50 with your own independent effort the satisfaction it gave was equivalent to earning Rs 500 from your regular job?

    Well numerically Rs 50 can never be equal to Rs 500 but if you think from a different perspective it can be. When you earn something by your own means you are your own master and do not need to answer anyone. There is no fear losing your job as everything here depends on you. This satisfaction itself is equivalent to money. It's just like living in own house versus living in a rented house.
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    As we progress daily, the prices of other commodities and items are also increasing with their prices and hence in due course of time there is no value for money. Yes I agree that those who have 500 is equal to 50 rupees now , as within seconds the five hundred rupees is spent and what we get the items is just handful. In this regard I want to take on the government for reducing the petrol prices in pittance in paisas. I bet no body can redeem the paisa and instead we loose on rounding off. So by gesturing that it actually reduced the price, the pump owners are minting money and may be passed on to the government.
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    It is true that if we earn in our own business or on our own efforts without being at the mercy of gives us extreme satisfaction. When we are in a job even though we perform well and contribute well, the earning will depend on the boss if the company and his liking towards us. So if we have our own earning method we will have a good satisfaction even though it is very less than what we were earning in the job. During my industrial profession sometimes I used to go to different universities for guest lecturing. The amount I used to get in that is very low when compared to the salary I was getting. But I used to have a satisfaction that I earned that money on my own with my talent and subject. So I tried to go and deliver lectures in various institutes. Now also once in a while, I do that and I feel I am blessed. I agree 100% with the author that the satisfaction we get is very high when we earn something on our own efforts.
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    There are two sides of everything, as a freelancer after being a salaried employee for 20 odd years, I can echo the thought of the author. As a salaried person, you are always expendable and loyalty to the brand or firm is not reciprocated.

    As a freelancer, you are your own master but life can be harsh at times because the safety net of a monthly guaranteed salary is not there. During lean times, self-doubt creeps in and deadlines for money become more difficult to meet.

    In monetary terms, 50 is obviously nowhere near 500. But in terms of dignity, integrity, and self-respect, a hard-earned 50 goes a long way in competition with 500.

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    Especially when one starts earning and lives independently after years of depending on parents and others, when we earn some amount ourselves, the feeling is explainable. It has to be experienced only. Then 50 will make us feel more happy than the 500 we had earlier.
    But slowly all this vanishes. Money means money. It hasto be there.

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