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    Stories from the Mahabharata: Advice of Bhishma about women

    During ancient times, Indian women had a very respected place in the society. This can be easily understood from Bhishma's advice from his deathbed to the Pandavas and Duryodhana. Bhishma said that a woman is like a gentle breeze. She is caring and makes silent sacrifices. However, a man must not take her for granted, because when emotionally hurt, she can curse the man, and often such curse manifests. A family's financial luck is directly related to a woman. Bhishma opined that a home where a woman is disrespected can never be happy or flourishing. A home where there is no respect for a woman, bad luck strikes. On the other hand, homes where the women are respected, flourish with health, love, wealth and happiness as lady luck brightly shines on such homes. He also said that the homes where women are not treated as equal, can't be prosperous.

    Do we follow the sagacious advice of Bhishma in our life and home?
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    It is true. "Etra naryanutu pujite ramanta tatra Devata" is what was told in our Puranas in Sanskrit. In the house where the ladies are respected, Goddesses will be moving. Wherever these Goddesses move, there will be always good fortune. This is propagated very strongly in the Hindu culture. So one should respect his mother, sister, wife, sister in law and every woman. But slowly people are getting deviated from these good principles and trying to dig their own graves. Today you may be making a lady to suffer. As a result, you may have to suffer for years together. So always try to do good only to ladies.
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