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    Can their silence silence the good news?

    There were lots of noises. In every newspaper, on every social media platform, people were expressing their anger and dismay. They were further encouraged by the opportunistic political leaders and agenda-driven liberal voices of the country. Nobody bothered to explain people the relationship between the international market and the price structure. Finally, the upward journey was halted on 29th May, 2018.

    Since then, it started its downward journey. This was promised by the Prime Minister. This was promised by the BJP President. But nobody believed them at that time.

    For the last twelve days, the price of petrol and diesel has been rapidly decreasing. But those who were shouting through the roof at the time of increasing price of petrol and diesel, are now observing silence.

    But unfortunately for those politicians and agenda-driven liberals, their silence can not silence the good news.
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    When there is an increase in the price everybody made negative remarks. Now there is a decrease in the prices. So nobody is shouting on that subject. They will choose another subject on which they have a chance to make negative canvass about the government. This is the order of the day. Expecting the politicians and agenda-driven liberals to talk good about the present government is a great optimism. But the general public will understand this very well and they will show their appreciation in the form of their favourable votes in the coming elections, I hope.
    always confident

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    From the absence of reactions in various social media platforms, it seems that the powerful have been able to silence the good news. Sigh!
    Beware! I question everything and everybody.

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