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    Have You Ever Tried To Make Music Instruments At Your Home?

    During my childhood days I used to make several experiments with the daily used products in my home like the match stick & the rubber & other home used appliances. Jal tarang, was one of my favorite musical instruments which consisted of a set of ceramic or metal bowls tuned with water at different levels. Those bowls are played by striking the edge with beaters, one in each hand resulting in different sounds. At such small stage I was very excited to have with this invention. Just keep beating the different bowls & you get sweetest of sounds all through.

    I another scenario, if we are able to keep the fist in a certain way than also we can be capable of producing sound like something which generates from "shankh". You move the fingers & this let you with different variations. Do you have any such creations during your childhood days then pl. share.
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    In our childhood days, we used to make some sort of musical instrument called Bura with coconut leaves and trying to play. More than that we don't have any idea of other musical instruments. We used to purchase flute made of wood pipe and try to use those for our time pass. But we were having no experience in modulating the voice and the release of air as required. So we never made anybody happy by hearing our music.
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    Yes I have the habit of beating like drums with variation sound with little water inside the steel water vessel. I bet the sound would be unique and it all depends on your tilting and beating the vessel from bottom. When the water is being tapped in the vessel we used to wait for at least 1 or two minutes and that time I tried this sound and that was very received by others too for the innovation music. From then when ever I happen to tape the water in the steel utensil or Kudam we call it in Tamil, I shall play the music of my choice and that would be titillating sound emanating with water movement.
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