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    Can we say TV is an entertainer these days.

    All the present day employees go in the morning and come back in the evening by completely exhausting. To have some peace of mind we used to switch on the Tv and enjoy the programme there. But slowly the trend is completely changing. Because of many channels and their internal competition to get highest TRP ratings they are trying different concepts and ultimately an average family person is really thinking of going away from the TVs. The political discussions and the endless serials and other stage shows are really testing the patience of the viewers. As such I almost stopped switching on my TV. Many people are also following the suit I understand. So my question is, Can we say TVs are good entertainers?
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    All most all the television channels are having excessive advertisement which actually irritates and tests the patience of the viewers. For example I love the comedy scenes coming in Aditya Tamil Channel and I am ardent fan of Vadivelu actor. In a half an hour program I bet more than 14 minutes goes for advertisements in two slots and thus we get the viewing pleasure just 16 minutes. And in Times Now news channel after every breaking news, they have the promo of of their own news which again irritating and unwanted. The channels are killing the interest of viewers and thus we are getting away from them.
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    Yes, Sir.They are good entertainers.For instance, can you ever take your eyes off a particular Telugu serial, where the hero and the lading lady do not know that they are already related, that they have some common enemy and so on? I understand that the Telugu serials often copy the Tamil ones. So, we do have a huge variety of fun. Absolutely non-value adding serials.

    I guess there are serials where the man has more than one wife, there is always a conflict and so on. There is also a huge amount of violence. The TV, as a medium only seems to have eaten into the mainstream cinema, by giving you and me, a huge amount of entertainment that closely resembles a movie. The problem with the movie is that we even tend to forget most of the movie, within two months.

    TV serials do not give us that luxury. They are so good that you can trace the story by seeing it just four days in a month. There are Tamil serials where the entire family will be totally absorbed at 8PM, that preparation for dinner itself starts only at 8.30 PM or later. May be, some Swiggy will be the answer too, for most families now prefer to get food online, so that they do not need to cook. So, an entire business proposition like Swiggy works because of the serials. That is another entertainment, is it not?
    The TV is the best entertainer. Sir, it makes us forget all our worries, and husbands and wives do not fight with each other, because, they do not have time!! There is this social impact angle too!!!

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